ONI Denim : Perfect Fabric of Denim in the world


What is ONI Denim

These days, fan of ONI is increasing in all over the world.
ONI’s unique slubby fabric, comfortable fiiting, modern silhouette fascinated the denim heads.

1. ONI Denim secret of Birth
2. Eagerness with Fabric
3. Art of Sewing
4. Secret Denim – Perfect fabric



1. ONI Denim – The Secret Of Birth


Regarding development and creation of fabric :
The part where ONI is drawing a line with other Maker
“Finishing the finished image from the stage of making the fabric.”
When a general Maker creates a new fabric,
they repeat try and error from a small amount of fabric so as not to hold bad inventory,
then make mass production at the point of consent.

However, in the case of ONI, they don’t repeat try and error number of times.
Through many years of experience, ONI finely analyzed the yarn count (thickness), color, warp and weft.
This made ONI’s strength : able to image the texture of the fabric and style before the fabric is made.

Here is a bit of a digression, when ONI made the perfect fabric, the irregularities on the texture of the fabric that has been developed are too intense,, craftsman cried out.

“What is this … rough as ONI (Japanese demon) …”

This is why ONI named ONI.


2. Eagerness with Fabric


Founder of ONI said
I have special attention from fabric development to silhouette and detail usability.

ONI use the best fabric.
Currently, among the high-end jeans in Japan, ONI has high awareness and popularity around the world.
However, price is a comparatively reasonable price (average price is ¥20,000) using fine fabrics.
I can not say too much loud voice,
ONI developed fabric is used for certain famous brand’s denim,
It may be sold out at the price of ¥50,000-¥40,000.

ONI’ characteristic are slubby texture with thick fabric,
but when you wear ONI, ONI offer soft and comfortable feeling. This is actually reputable.
ONI weave the fabrics at low tension so ONI’s fabric have good ventilation and no grow.
Also, because of the sparsely dented fabrics, very different fading is attractive than any other denim.


3. Art of Sewing


Sewing thick and heavy oz of ONI is supported by TAKUMI’s (Artisan in Japanese) skilled techniques.
As a result, difficulty of sweing ONI denim made the number of production in limited.
For that reason, just a few retailers can handling ONI even in Japan. ONI is actually rare.

When sewing vintage heavy oz jeans,
because of sewing by ordinary sewing machines, ONI adopt a special sewing machine.
However, not only relying on those special sewing machines,
certain skill and experience of craftsman sublimated ONI as the Best denim.


4. Secret Denim – Perfect fabric


What is recognized in the world is a “Secret Denim” that is especially popular among the ONI product lineup.
Product of “Secret Denim” is a product with “ZR” at the end of the part number. (ex.ONI502ZR, ONI506ZR)

The characteristic of secret denim is a unique fabric that everyone have never seen before.
Even who do not know about denim, they can’t stop asking “What is this denim?”.
“Secret Denim” is speacial for sparse nep texture (white spots can be seen in places of the dough) can’t imagine how it fades.

In addition, while this secret denim is basically 20oz (general denim is around 14oz) and thick fabric, but recently developing many slim models.
Old-fashioned regular jeans, storng taperd denim,,, ONI provide various styles, silhouettes and the reputation of “Secret Denim” is rising all over the world.

If you curious abouto some model, please try wearing one first.
For those who want to experience ONI for the time being, we recommend one wash denim!
Since it has hardness like judo wear in case of not washed (raw denim).
Of course, if you are a denim mania, evolve from the unwashed to “Your ONI” that fit you!




ONI studies various styles and cutting everyday, adjusts the thigh circumference, waist, rise and so on, and announces new models one after another. This made ONI fits to various people.
People not interested in denim, people who is denim mania can also be satisfied. I think that it is “ONI”.

There are not so many shops handling ONI in Yokohama, those who are looking for demon denim around Yokohama, go to DENIMIO!
ONI trial wear is a big welcome!

Yokohama’s denim shop DENIMIO has over 4000 denim stocks at all times, we are waiting for your visit!

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