10 Shoe Collections That’ll Fire Up Your Summer

You can always tell a person’s taste from their shoes, so let’s try finding you a really nice pair! Here we recommend you the top 10 shoe collections that you may feel interested in:


This model uses Chrome excel leather, and if you’re thinking of Microsoft, then you’re way wrong. Chrome excel (or CXL) has more than 4 kinds of oils highly penetrating the cortex, is a combination of tanned leather that undergoes at least 89 separate processes. Chrome excel has a very high oil/wax/grease content. The whitish waxy look is what we call “bloom”.

Yoak Minimalism

Time to get rid of too many unnecessary and complicated designs. You may (at first) find the design a bit monotonous, but this exactly is the element that leads to a casual style with clean and neatness as the key components. This is a vintage collection with a classic design that will never go out of style. 

The surface uses cowhide– which is extremely durable. The lining is made of soft pigskin, which we have no doubt feels as comfortable as you would want.

Rolling Dub Trio  –  RDT-W04

After the minimalism of Yoak, these RDT-W04 boots are a kind of luxury. You may have noticed these shoes for their luxurious taste. Let’s get a good look at the details: a beautiful oiled leather of Chrome Excel, and a sturdy sole of Vibram #100. 


This is the summer sandal you’ve been searching for all your life. It’s made from ME833 waterproof fabric, so no need to worry about raining season anymore. Casual, simple, stylish, and free are the images the shoes bring to you, as well as a rank cowhide surface with soft pigskin lining. 


Let us recommend some fashion-forward flip-flops, another popular model from MR.OLIVE: ME822. They have the same material with ME833, waterproof with cowhide surface. Very suitable for the rainy weather and thoughtfully available in 3 colors.

MR.OLIVE E.O.I  –  ME824

Summer calls for waterproof goods! ME824 using A-rank cowhide, soft nubuck leather, and MR.OLIVE EOI original WP leather (And might we add, the exposed ankles make a very sexy vibe). Helping you stand at the tip of the fashion trend, these are the shoes that are too good to look away.


Rolling Dub Trio  –  RDT-A12

Following up, the Rolling Dub Trio brand RDT-A12 Work-boot -“Coupen”. Made with Tochigi leather and cat’s paw sole (rare!), they’re a comfortable fit as well as a perfect canvas for fading over wear and time. It’ll be a hard case trying to find something as gorgeous.



These shoes are a collaboration from KATO` with MOONSTAR, which has 140 years of history. The reason why these shoes are basically a commodity is that only a few factories in Japan can complete the vulcanizing process, and it needs a highly qualified craftsman.

Minimalist, classic, comfortable and breathable canvas material makes these shoes an easy sell! Indeed, white sneakers are always a staple in every stylish’s closet.
Don’t miss out this timeless and casual item!



Another collaboration from KATO and MOONSTAR; an ultimate simple and classic black canvas sneakers. They pair well with most outfits. You’ll definitely stay on-style with these casual and versatile sneakers.




Button boots may be on the last of the list, but that’s because these are the highlight of the ten. We know that denim and leather go great together, but these shoes are the exact gem where the best of both worlds come together. Add that one with Cat’s paws soles and hightop buttons, Momotaro Jeans really comes out on top this time.