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10 Shoes To Go With Your Japanese Denim

Fully dressed for a good day out with some friends and find that you don’t have a good pair of kicks to go with your new Japanese denims? Well, don’t fret as we share our list of 10 shoes to go with your Japanese denim, or any kind of denim for that matter!

1. Converse Chuck Taylor

chuck taylors denim


A classic like the Converse Chuck Taylor can be worn with almost anything. With a proud American history dating all the way back to 1917, it is one of the most recognizable shoe anywhere. Another plus point to the Converse Chuck Taylor is the relatively affordable price in comparison to the rest of the shoes out there.

2. Vans Authentic/Classic Era

vans authentic classic era


Being some of the most iconic American sneakers of all time, these two pairs of shoes is a staple in most sneakerheads’ wardrobes. The Vans Authentic and the Classic Era shoes are also favourites among denimheads who love matching their jeans with a footwear that is both comfortable and stylish. The Vans Authentic and Classic Era sneakers come in a huge selection of colours and materials that allow for versatility when it comes to matching your shoes to your new pair of denims.

3. Lone Wolf Mechanic Boots

lone wolf boots


Lone Wolf boots are directly patterned after long-lost classic styles from the “Good Old Days” in American workwear. The vintage style it has dates all the way back to the 1930’s. The uppers are manufactured from full grain imported steer hide leather, and hand-sown using the famous Goodyear storm welt. This pair of Lone Wolf boots are made to ensure highest quality, comfort and durability. It is a very good addition to your wardrobe, especially if you have a pair of Japanese denim and you’d like to infuse some vintage American flavor to what you are wearing.

4. Converse Jack Purcell LTT OX

converse jack purcell


The Converse Jack Purcell is a simple and timeless sneaker that will always be in fashion. Named after the Canadian badminton world champion Jack Purcell, the original design featured a toe, canvas upper and a rubber outsole. Although it may look similar to some other Converse sneakers out there, its thicker insoles provides more comfort. Coming in a wide array of colours, materials and designs doesn’t do any harm either, especially if you’d like to collect all the different designs to match the different denim jeans you have.

5. Ace Boots Oxford Shoes

ace boots oxford shoes


Ace Boots is a Souther California based company which makes its boots and shoes in a small workshop in Los Angeles. This same workshop has been producing for some other well known line for over 10 years and has recently started doing Ace’s boots for the past few years. This pair of boots are welted using Goodyear storm welt and uses American domestic rough-out leather and Thiele brand cowhide lining to ensure highest quality and durability. A pair of Ace Boots Oxford Shoes definitely spells “class” when matched with the pair of high quality Japanese denim that you have.

6. Oak Street Bootmakers Camp Boot

oak street bootmakers


The Oak Street Bootmakers is relatively new as a brand but has been capturing the hearts and attention of denim lovers all around the world. Made using the Chromexcel leather from the well-known Horween Leather Company, the Camp Boot also incorporates a Vibram sole for better comfort as well as form-fitting inner. If you are looking to match your denim jeans with a pair of shoe that is rugged yet classy at the same time, The Camp Boot is definitely one to check out.

7. Our Legacy Off Court (Blue)

our legacy off court


The Our Legacy Off Court shoe take its inspiration from a retro tennis trainer. This pair of shoes is constructed from premium quality,full Italian leather. It features a soft leather insole, and contrast white rubber outsole. Similar to raw denim, the materials used to construct this pair of shoes will age with wear and produce a piece of footwear that definitely be a great accessory to your denims.

8. IHWE-Build-1 Rough Out Packer Boot

IHWE-Build-1 Rough Out Packer Boot


The IHWE-Build-1 Rough Out Packer Boot is the first of Iron Heart/West Coast Boot Company (Wesco) collaboration. It features a brown oil tanned rough out, a double-stictched down construction, a Vibram #269 outsole with Iron Heart branded leather insole. Though leaning more towards a higher pricetag, the quality of construction and its design make this pair worth checking out.

9. Viberg Service Boots

viberg service boots


The Service Boot’s design is directy based on Viberg’s original model which was first produced in 1931. This design is is similar to the pattern used for many nations as a standard issue military boot during the WWII. This pair of boots is constructed from C.F. Stead’s Reverse Kudu leather which is characterized as amazingly soft suede texture on the reverse side, while the grain side is processed as a nubuck. preserving the hide’s texture and natural markings. This is one of the most comfortable leather Viberg has to offer so far.

10. Tenryo Denim Sneakers

tenryo denim sneakers


Probably one of the most distinctive looking shoes in the list, the Tenryo Denim Sneakers incorporates a 17oz. heavy weight Japanese selvage denim as well as a pigskin leather which is featured throughout the design and used in the shoe inner to provide extra comfort to the user. This is a great shoe with the unique novelty of having premium Japanese Selvage denim on them! What better pair of shoes to go with your Japanese denim than this?