5 Best Jeans for the Best Buns | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim

5 Best Jeans for The Best Buns

We’ve read so many recommendations on jeans with the ‘best denim fabrics’, ‘best slub’, and or ‘best cuts’. But we have way more concerns than that. Lots of these jeans get the fabrics, cut, and weight right ⏤ but how about your backside? 

Yes, your buns matter too. It really makes a huge difference when you wear jeans that have the best fit and the best back pockets positions to complete your indigo look. Here are our top 5 jeans with the best pockets for you to get!

Some of our rules for the best back-pocket positions:

  • The back pockets follow the curves of the body
  • Back pockets placed between direct below the waist and covering the backside
  • Back pockets are no too far away from each other

People underestimate the positions of the back pockets, we assure you ⏤ they truly matter!

5 Best Jeans for the Best Buns | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim

Tanuki Amagumo AM6651T

The color is amazing ⏤ the Black Bean dye showcases how strong a dye can represent a new kind of fabrics. But that’s not all: the Tanuki Amagumo has one of the best placements for back pockets. Why, you ask?

Let’s see the position of the back pocket first. Most straight jeans have very square and straight vertical back pockets that don’t follow the curves of your backside. But the Tanuki Amagumo AM6651T showcased an incredible tapered with the best placement of back pockets. The skew of the pockets follows from directly below your waist and covering the whole backside.

Not only that the space between both pockets puts out the dimensions on your backside from the side until back, but it’s also one of the best options for natural mobility and jeans to perk up your backside.

5 Best Jeans for the Best Buns | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim

Japan Blue Circle J205

One of our always best sellers, Japan Blue Circle J205 cut has one of the best placements for the back pockets. But this time, they don’t follow your curves but are shaped beautifully to seem symmetrical when worn and viewed from afar. The jeans may follow your curves, but the pockets are placed perfectly between the curves of your backside to the crevices of the jeans so they appear in a straight line without skewing the pockets. For many, it’s placed perfectly under the waist just before your buns start to curve.

5 Best Jeans for the Best Buns | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim

Studio d’Artisan D1821 Crazy Jeans

An interesting combination of crazy fabrics and awesome back pockets for life, these jeans are for the interesting vibrant jeans that you’d always wanted. With a different motif of vintage jeans, using the right-Aya and left-Aya to produce a 2020 revival.

Now, first, the attention goes to the pockets ⏤ with such an interesting combo for fabrics, the back pockets are unique too. You can see the different shapes of the back pockets but they’re just placing them as to how usual jeans are. They’re placed closer together than most jeans that they hug your buns perfectly to showcase the curves without sacrificing the looks for the overall jeans. When you wear it you’ll see how the pockets skew perfectly at your curves and the curves still showcase the pockets straight and look incredible from any side.

5 Best Jeans for the Best Buns | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim

Momotaro Jeans B0105SP

The past jeans we’ve talked about are always about how the butt will make your buns look better. But do you need your buns to look a bit fuller? We’ve got you covered.

Another of our absolute forever in the best-selling list: the B0105SP. The classic cut, an awesome fit. And now there’s one more reason to get this into your wardrobe: how the back pockets fit perfectly for those who want more fuller buns.

Just look how the pockets are not that far from each other but placed almost at the side of the jeans with covering almost all the surface of the backside. It does wonders for your overall look of the day.

5 Best Jeans for the Best Buns | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim

Tanuki RT1

We’ve covered the ones that can shape your buns. The ones that can make your’s fuller. Now, it’s the one that just gets your buns right. From all the selections we’ve put together, they all tend to go directly under the waist, which showcased your buns a bit more perked up.

Tanuki RT1 goes a bit lower to give you not only volume but also a more muscular built for the overall look when you see it being worn from the back: these jeans are perfect for you who just wanted to have ample enough volume at the below half of your backside so the focus can shift to your overall look rather than just at one anchor.

There you go! We hope you can now enjoy both your jeans and get the best silhouette for your buns too ⏤ trust us, it makes a HUGE difference. Try it on your own.


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