50 WE UNITE – Bring Samurai Russian Collaboration to Reality

SAMURAI X DENIMIO – Russia Around The World Collaboration

Denimio presents 50 WE UNITE project, a phenomenon that will marge power of denim heads around the world to make an incredible thing happen. If you could not bear to fall for stylish elite items, you are invited.

The project’s goal is to have minimum 50 purchases of SAMURAI X DENIMIO – Russia Around The World Collaboration Jeans. Once we reach the number, machines will start shifting Moscow and Osaka closer unprecedentedly. Stay tuned to be a part of the mission.

Not only custom unique, Denimio differs SAMURAI X DENIMIO – Russia Collaboration jeans by making them to be a real passion. Without your desires, we would not be able to take a step. The jeans will be born only under your zeals. After the unity succeeds, this item will become an icon showing your motivation with denim to the world.

Stop hesitation and support primary production, book this limited collection with 17,650JPY now and pay the rest once SAMURAI X DENIMIO – Russia Around The World Collaboration jeans are ready to be delivered. Full price is 35,300JPY.

Pre-order time ends in 30 days. Remember that we must have the first 50 pairs reserved within the period. However, reaching minimum quantity since day 1 is also the case as we know everything is possible!


Spread SAMURAI X DENIMIO – Russia Around The World Collaboration jeans news to your denim head buddies, Samurai Jeans fans, collectors …etc. This unity will lead us to get a masterpiece creation.

Well-experienced denimheads usually have more than one pair of excellent jeans from famous brands. However, when it comes to collaborations and limited releases, they always draw the most attention from the whole denim community. Why are they so intriguing? Indeed, they are well-known for their non-standard features, style, material, and details that you will never find in serial editions you can buy at any time.

This time, Samurai Jeans and Denimio are a hundred percent on your side. The style, material, and details have selected by your votes!

How is the model of this limited jeans? Let’s take a look:

Samurai x Denimio – Russia Around the World Collaboration


710 Samurai Jeans model won as the most popular style. These jeans are the hallmark of the manufacturer for a decade.

A medium-high waist plus slightly tapered leg opening give comfort to the upper part. The manufacturer positions this fit as slim. The fit is comfortable and versatile, it can be combined with various styles of clothing. In addition, the 710 style is well suited for different types of body constitution, combining comfort and stylish look.

Jeans can be easily combined with both heavy “worker” and lighter shoes.


It uses a quite rare material – 15OZ Yamato denim. This denim is used in the S003JP model and has never been used for the release of the model 710 (thus, the release turned out to be unique).

Samurai Jeans do not only use heavy types of denim with a rough texture of American cotton. Yamato Denim is distinguished not so much by brutality, but as grace and unique aesthetics. It uses quite expensive raw materials: a mix of long-staple cotton varieties Pima and Egyptian cotton in a ratio of 40/60 that will give a certain softness to such a denim. However, this is a fairly moderate “not exaggerated” softness, Samurai X Denimio Russia Edition will not overly stretch and quickly lose their original shape.

The texture of this denim has a light non-uniformity, the long cotton fibers give some “velvet-like” feeling on the outside of the denim. Just wait until the starch is washed out and the material “opens” in all its glory. Denim looks very balanced and harmonious in appearance. The selvedge part was woven by blue and silver threads which symbolize the color of indigo and the sharpness of the samurai sword.

Over time, the denim will acquire individual and beautiful fading.

Here is Samurai S003JP fading, a sample result of 15OZ Yamato Denim (about 4-6 months of wearing)


The voters have chosen the model with a fairly basic set of details, with an emphasis on the uniqueness of the combination of the popular style and rather rare denim.

The patch is the most recognizable part of jeans as it is a kind of “passport”. Japanese denim lovers really appreciate this part even it is constantly covered by top wear.

The material is Japanese Wagyu leather which is light and soft. It has an initially light shade, over time, the color of this skin will naturally change. If you want to immediately give a dark hue to the patch, you can use mink oil to make color closer to brown.

The patch depicts the St. Basil’s Cathedral and the Japanese Himeji Castle. St. Basil’s Cathedral is located on Red Square in Moscow and is a monument of old Russian architecture of the XVI century.

Himeji Castle is the oldest Japanese castle in the 14th century. It’s refined form and elegance, also often to be compared to a white bird.

At the bottom of the patch, there is a unique number that for each pair released. Back pockets are made in the classic style of Samurai Jeans, inspired by antique American classics. In this version 710, arch models are made visible. They are embroidered with bright lemon thread. On the pocket, there is a red tab with Samurai branding.

This release uses classic buttons as same as 710 models. The rising sun is depicted on the front side of the buttons.

Pocket material is made of durable herringbone twill in two colors: white and indigo.

The rivets on the front pockets are a recognizable classic style, just like the S710XX. A white Denimio tab is sewn at the coin pocket.


Perhaps this release can be considered as a very harmonious and balanced model. Samurai X Denimio – Russia Around The World will appeal to those who favor Yamato denim and its combination with the 710 classic flagship style, plus basic details. This model is concise, simple, but with grace and charisma. If you can wear them as much as possible and more often, you would enjoy the wonderful Yamato denim and make your pair truly individual!

Be the first 50 fans to get Samurai X Denimio – Russia Around The World with a special price and do not forget our mission! Let’s spread this news around and reach 50 pairs together before the end of 2018!