summer cuff

7 Ways To Cuff Your Denim

What may have started off as a way to make your jeans fit better with the length of your legs has become a way to add more “character” to your premium denim in recent years. Though rolling up your jeans sounds pretty simple and straightforward, there are plenty of ways for you to add a flair of individuality into your pair of premium denim through different cuffs. Here are 7 ways to cuff your denim so that you can take to the streets with confidence:


The “Single Cuff”

Starting with the basics, the single cuff is a very simple and straightforward cuff that is basically a one-flip upturn of the hem. It is suitable for most beginners as well as for most pairs of jeans. Adjust the length of the cuff as you stand in front of a mirror to find the right ratio of rolling to suit your preference.


The “Long Single Cuff”

The long single cuff is basically a single cuff with an added couple of inches of hem into your rolling. The reason why this particular cuff is separate from the usual single cuff is because of the function of this way of rolling. Again, it is still a one-flip upturn of the hem with a longer roll. The long single cuff however, is better suited to show that you’ve got selvedge or if you have interesting-coloured caste without making a big scene of it. It may not suit people with shorter legs as this thicker cuff gives the illusion of the wearer’s legs being shorter than they actually are.

double cuff

The “Double Cuff”

The double cuff is another cuff for a neat look. To achieve a double cuff, simply make a smaller cuff similar to that of a single cuff, and roll it up again twice. You even do the cuff before putting your jeans on to make it easier and neater. The only downside to this cuff is that it may not work with heavier denim as the cuff will look incredibly thick (unless that is the look you are going for). A thicker cuff normally chops some inches off a wearer’s perceived height.

stubborn roll

The “Stubborn Roll”

For a cuff that is more relaxed and casual, consider the stubborn roll. It’s a rather intuitive way of rolling your jeans, for a slightly messy and tousled look. To do the stubborn roll, simply make a single cuff, then double it up to get a tapered leg, similar to a double cuff. Try avoiding this particular cuff for heavier denims as you won’t be able to get  clean cuff.

tight roll

The “Tight Roll”

The tight roll will help you achieve a slimmer, tapered look even if your jeans aren’t. To achieve the tight roll, simply roll your hem up sideways so that it’s tighter around your ankle, then roll the him up again twice so that you get a snug fit. This cuff works equally well with more relaxed jeans or skinny leg jeans. It helps keep the hems of your pants up high if you want to show off some fresh socks or a pair of new kicks.

summer cuff

The “Summer Cuff”

The point of the summer cuff is basically to show as much as your calf as possible. Just imagine how you’d like to wear your jeans on a hot summer’s day to keep yourself cooler. The way to achieve this is similar to the double cuff, but keep going until you reach your desired height. Alternatively, you may also just roll your hems a couple of times and slide the rest up to your calf. It helps prevent excess rolling and still maintain a summer cuff look.

inner cuff

The “Inner Cuff”

If you are wearing selvedge, this cuff may not be a popular choice as it removes the element of showing off your premium selvedge by requiring you to fold you the denim inside itself. However, the inner cuff is a suitable if you prefer a clean look that doesn’t show the seams. To do the inner cuff, simply roll the hems inwardly so that the length of the pants matches your legs’.

Finally, just have fun and experiment with the different cuffs that may work for you. There are plenty of other ways to cuff your denim. So, be creative and give it a try today! Let us know what are some of your favourite cuffs and share how to roll them with us.