Best Standing Jeans – Made with Dense Denim They Can Stand on Their Own!

This is NOT a supernatural TV series! You are still with us at Denimio Blog and this time, we bring you to something fun. Let’s talk about standing jeans! 

How can jeans stand on their own?

Jeans from hard denim, independently standing in the middle of the room without any help from the owner, have become a kind of symbol and a denim hobby. Yes, friends, such jeans for a newbie can be a real shock. But many people love them just the way they are – classic and… real ones!

Standable jeans are usually the way to show you how heavyweight the denim is. Especially with new raw denim jeans that are so rough, this demonstration is usually a fan favorite when it comes to finding hardcore raw denim jeans.


From standable jeans to your second skin

You might be worried that self-standable jeans are not compatible with movement convenience. However, even though they can be extremely tough in the first few hours of wear, after the ‘break-in’ step, you will get a pair of jeans that will be extremely comfortable, well-worn and molds to your body like a second skin.

It’s challenging to break in standable jeans, though, isn’t it? That’s one of the reasons why we are crazy about raw denim here. They’re free to shrink, fade and change condition over time, with the right nudges and washes to get them in the perfect customizable condition. Now if you are ready, here is the list of standable raw denim jeans for you to pick and try a new experiment on!

Note: if you want to take a picture of a new pair of your jeans, but do not know how to put them in a vertical position, in fact, it is very simple. You need to create a “stiffener” for the leg. Just “iron” them using hands like dress pants. These lines will help jeans to stand by themselves. Put them in a room or in nature and … a great shot for the forum or your Instagram is ready!

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Self standable jeans choices

Kojima Genes

This Okayama brand produces simple, high quality, and reliable clothing. In their collection, there are always several pairs of hard heavy denim jeans. These jeans are very inexpensive relative to other brands. Therefore, if you are wondering how heavy and hard this kind of denim can be, but not wanting to spend a lot of money, you can safely choose the products of this brand. They all come with a good base of heavy denim and quite decent quality workmanship.


These jeans are also in a straight regular fit. Sewn from the same denim with a density of 21OZ (without edge).

The special lining is sewn on the front, which will provide additional protection from the wind when riding a motorcycle (or while working on the street).

Studio D’Artisan

One of the patriarchs of Japanese denim, this brand has existed since 1979 and was part of the famous “Osaka Five”. Although Studio D’Artisan mainly produces jeans from medium-density denim, there are also hard jeans in their collection that can initially be put in an upright position. This is the so-called series 300, made from 18.5OZ denim.


The 303 model is a heavier version of the classic model SD-103 (which is produced over the years). This is a style with a full straight leg and a relatively narrow cut.

The density of denim is 18.5 OZ. Jeans have a slightly velvety texture. Keep in mind that Studio D’Artisan denim quickly wears out and becomes soft, but their fading is relatively slow. Gradually over the months, the places of the folds will first acquire a bright blue, then a lighter shade of indigo, until a very high contrast appears between the rubbed and unrubbed spots.

Jeans have a very thick patch with the image of two pigs, which are the symbol of Studio D’Artisan.

Oni Denim

The Oni Denim company is distinguished by the very careful development of each type of denim. They do a lot of experiments with density, staining methods, and texture.

In general, they produce a lot of options in tight Secret 20OZ denim (labeled as ZR), but you should keep in mind that this is one of the softest denim types that you can find on the market. When the starch has not yet been washed away, the jeans can also be put vertically, as this is very strong and hard denim.

However, as soon as the starch is washed off, you get an amazingly comfortable piece, reminiscent of clothes made of soft wool, rather than jeans. If you choose a one-wash version of jeans right away, they will be soft right away. During the weaving of such denim, the tension of the thread on the loom is intentionally weakened, which makes it possible to obtain an amazing slubby texture.


Straight and regular mid-rise fit. Secret Denim 20OZ comes with a very expressive texture and smooth soft fading. However, as mentioned above, this type of denim becomes soft very quickly.


The 246 style is distinguished by a higher rise, a comfortable regular fit and a slightly narrowed leg cut.

The same 20OZ Secret Denim is used here as well.


The version of 575 model is made with a very tight 22OZ Kabuki denim. This is the densest and most originally hard denim from Oni, and they can stand without help. This denim is minimally expressed in clubbiness.

Their features are different after being worn, as jeans from Kabuki Denim can be compared with a dense, but very soft flannel fabric. Another feature is that the threads here are dyed with natural plant indigo. Kabuki denim gets its namesake because the threads of green, orange and black colors are woven into the hem, which symbolizes the color of the curtains in Japanese Kabuki theaters.

This is an exceptionally rare and interesting type of denim from Oni. Its production is extremely laborious, and this type of denim is produced about once every 1-2 years.


Slightly tapered regular fit in tight 22OZ Kabuki denim.

Samurai Jeans

It is no exaggeration to say that Samurai Jeans is the founder of the dense and super dense denim. They tirelessly produce jeans with an unforgettable texture, which instantly begins to fade.


Model 710 was an absolute hit became the calling card of Samurai Jeans fans from all over the world. The very comfortable, slightly slim fit and tight 19OZ Kiwami denim with a beautiful and expressive texture in the form of vertical “raindrops” captured idolizers from near to far.

Recognizable details include the image of fencers, bolts with the symbolism of the rising sun and, of course, selvedge with woven silver thread symbolizing the sharpness of the Samurai blade.


Model 510 is canonical for Samurai Jeans, as the path to the success of this brand began with this model. It is a regular fit with an absolutely straight leg and a relatively high rise. Until now, the Samurai 510 remains the most popular model of this brand in Japan.

The same denim 19OZ Kiwami is used.


Model 511 was originally produced in medium-density denim: Otokogi 15OZ.

This style is a slim fit with a narrowed leg (moderately tapered leg). Due to its popularity, it was released in the same tight Kiwami denim.


Model 5000 has a slightly narrower shape than the 510 and a slightly lower rise. This version is made from a very dense 21OZ Superkiwami denim. For those who love really tight jeans and beautiful fading, this is the pair for you.


This model was also released for the 20th anniversary of Samurai Jeans. It uses superdense denim 25OZ. This is the highest density that Samurai Jeans currently produces. Unlike other denim types of this brand, it uses a mix of cotton varieties with long fiber. This makes the texture of the fabric more even. There are also small patches of nep elements.

Other details worth noting are the exclusive patch and gold bolts.


Standing denim is a kind of denimhead’s manner to show their passion. It’s amazing, unseen, and even almost supernatural, especially to other people that are not used to special denim features. Some types will be tough for a long time, while others become soft literally from the first wear. You can also choose from a heterogeneous slubby texture or a buttery-smooth material. In any case, we always have an excellent choice for you.