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Darahkubiru X Denimio
The Great Denim Battle 2021

Winter is coming. The Denim Battlefield is here.

5 Jeans. 5 Challengers.
Your Pick, We’ll Treat You on Jeans.


Follow the caption’s T&C and you’re all set!

Win one pair of jeans, keep on voting on your best bet and get jeans for FREE

‘Never forget what you are. The rest of the world will not. Wear it like an armor, and it can never be used to hurt you.’ ⏤ Game of Thrones

Denimio and Darahkubiru decided to joined forces to guild together the power of commitment, integrity, and resilience ⏤ all in the name of indigo.

Here’s how this goes down: every month Denimio will challenge the Darahkubiru team for a simple battle for the team to do. But is it really that simple? The true test of the best denim in Indonesia is here. The battle will be done exclusively on Instagram and we need you guys to pick the best result from all the fate Denimio has offered them.

We need YOU, to determine their fate ⏤ LIKE and COMMENT, SHARE as much as you can on one of the contenders and win a chance to get jeans from Denimio!

CHAMPION your challengers, we’ll see you at The Denim Throne.

The Contenders

⏤ 5 different jeans, 5 different people.

Get to know them here.

SATRIA | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim

Satria X Samurai Jeans S5000VX

‘If I’m being asked about what pair of jeans suits me best right now, Samurai S5000VX has always been the answer since the very beginning.’

JEAN | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim

Jean X ONI 585

‘There is nothing more glorious than having a “demon” as a companion for years to come.’

IDHO | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim

Idho X Tanuki IDR

‘As I will be wearing a pair of jeans from a brand that prioritizes quality, I am committed to creating quality fades.’

ADITYA | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim

Aditya X Burgus Plus 955

‘The reason I choose Burgus Plus 955-XX LOT.955 is quite simple; I want to witness the beauty of the natural indigo evolution that comes from within the jeans.’

FADLAN | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim

Fadlan X TCB Jeans

‘With 13,5oz and its exceptional details, TCB 50s Jeans would be the perfect jeans for all-year around and this battle.’

The Challenges

⏤ The true denim test of all the battle Denimio has to offer.

Challenges will be updated monthly and all will be launched via Instagram. All you have to do is comment, like, and share your favorite post into your account and we’ll determine the winner of each challenge by the end of the month.

How will the challenge be? Read here for the complete event!

⏤ all challenges has to be completed at the end of month, until 2022.

DARAHKUBIRU | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim
DARAHKUBIRU | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim


You vote and win jeans by the end of the challenge! Make sure you always vote in all challenges (we’ll check!) and you get your favorite challenger to WIN the challenge every month.

Get a chance to win jeans ⏤ what’s the jeans? It’s still a secret.

Who’s Darahkubiru?

Get to know Darahkubiru. Indonesia’s biggest community of denim. Find out their story here.

What Will They Do for The Great Denim Battle?

Check out how Darahkubiru will fare all battle challenges Denimio has offered. See who lasted longest.


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