Denim Chic: Your Guide to Spring/Summer Style

The onset of the warm season is always a treat. You may have enjoyed heavy denim in the winter, but now we know you’re looking to update your closet. What denim would be most comfortable for warm spring or summer? In our opinion, it’s best to look for densities of 13oz and below. In addition, you should keep in mind the weave of the fabric. Denim with a more slubby texture tends to be more breathable than denim with a tighter weave.

We will present you our small selection, which simply reflects our personal choice of jeans for spring and summer. The choice as always is yours alone. So, let’s get started.

Big John

This brand is the oldest in Japan, typically this manufacturer focuses on classic signature fabrics and distinctive details. So, if you already have a large collection of Japanese jeans, but you would like to get something that would be different from what you already have, we recommend you to take a good look at Big John. We assure you, these items will not leave you indifferent.

This is a very unusual eco-frendly project inspired by a lake in Kojima. The denim for these jeans is made using a small amount of wild cane from the lake (94% cotton, 6% wild cane). The denim has a relatively low density and a very beautiful shade of “pure indigo”. The extremely comfortable, wide cut will please lovers of classic JP repro.
– Straight wide cut
– 13.5oz denim (94% cotton, 6% wild can)
– Fabric label with duck image
– Green selvedge ID


A very interesting Japanese brand. These things have features of vintage American clothes, Japanese craft of working with fabrics and dyeing and modern street style. Perhaps it is Graphzero that can endlessly experiment with texture and color constantly delighting customers. By the way, since Graphzero works independently with weaving production, the prices for these jeans are noticeably lower than other brands.

The jeans have a slim straight cut and will look good both on the street and in the office. As always it is especially worth paying attention to the fabric. This model has two types of coloring. Very expressive indigo color, which has a relatively light shade. And the color of persimmon extract (kakishibu). The texture of the denim has a very expressive verticality (tate ochi). This will be most noticeable when your jeans get fading.
– Straight versatile slim fit
– Denim 13oz
– Two colors: indigo and kakishibu
– Vegetable tanned leather patch
– Buttons with copper core
– Orange selvedge ID

These jeans will appeal to fans of Japanese repro. Spacious comfortable fit. The fabric has a density of 13oz and is dyed in a bright rich indigo color. Perhaps this denim will be different from anything else in your collection.

Note that many of the details are inspired by a very early period in the early twentieth century when jeans were workwear.
– Straight comfortable cut
– 13oz Denim
– Very expressive indigo color
– Vegetable tanned leather patch
– Donut button
– Red tab
– Buttons on the waistband for attaching suspenders
– Through rivets on back pockets
– Orange selvedge ID

By the way, if you’d like a vintage-inspired look, we’d recommend adding some great suspenders from Big John to these jeans.

Sugar Cane

The brand is familiar to so many fans of classic Japanese jeans. SC’s work with the old American heritage of workwear and jeans is truly admirable. Nowadays, this brand produces both classic repro of jeans and jeans with modern cuts that have details of vintage classics.

The SC42009 is based on the old classic Sugar Cane 1947 model. But here a narrower modern cut is used. This allows you to use these jeans absolutely everywhere, combining with a variety of clothes and shoes. And yes, these jeans are specially designed for summer. It is a very comfortable 12oz denim that you don’t have to wear out. Just wear these jeans and have fun on spring and summer days.
– Modern slim fit
– 12oz denim
– Very comfortable and pleasant tactility
– Classic vintage details Sugar Cane 1947
– Pink selvedge ID

Oni Denim

We all know that Oni is the true king of slubby denim. The Secret Denim series is an amazing example of working with the texture of the fabric. But Oni is not limited to only releasing slubby denim jeans. Below is a new product of this brand, which will be very interesting for those who need comfort in the summer period.

The 526 has a straight, slightly tapered pant leg. If you’ve seen the Oni 246, you probably have a good idea.

The denim has a very low density of 11oz. This is a great option for warm spring and summer. Also, in order to keep these jeans from constricting movement, the yarns have a small addition of polyurethane. Perhaps some denimheads have a prejudice against denim with polyurethane. But when it comes to denim from Oni you get real authentic denim with a beautifully defined texture. There is a very beautiful color combination here. The warp thread is dyed in the classic dark indigo color. The weft thread is dyed in a black color. These jeans have good potential for a very interesting fading.
– Straight modern cut (like Oni-246)
– 11oz Denim
– Exposed slubby texture
– Indigo color warp thread
– Black weft thread color
– Non-selvedge denim

Studio D’Artisan

One of the oldest Japanese brands. As a rule, this manufacturer focuses on the combination of vintage classic American and own author’s fabrics and artisanal methods of dyeing. In the SDA collection there are models made of light denim.

These jeans are a lighter version of the classic SD-103 model. The lighter 12oz denim is used here. So if you would like to comfortably wear the SD-103 model in summer, you can simply opt for the SD-503 model and get maximum comfort with all the authentic details of the SDA classics.
– Straight cut with moderate width
– 12oz Denim
– Dark rich indigo with good fading potential
– Leather patch featuring piglets
– Recognizable SDA arches
– Pink selvedge ID


TCB brand is well known for reproducing classic jeans from different eras. We are all familiar with the TCB 40’S, TCB 50’S, TCB 50’S, etc. However, we recommend you to check out our older collaboration which is specially made of customizable 12oz denim. If your size is still available, don’t hesitate for long.

The upper unit of the classic TCB 50’S model is used here, but with a pronounced narrowing of the pant leg. In this way, we managed to get a comfortable and quite modern style. As for the denim, a mix of cotton and Japanese washi paper is used. As a result, this lightweight 12oz is comfortable and has a characteristic smoothness of texture, somewhat similar to silk.
– Relax tapered cut
– 12oz Denim
– Cotton/washi mix
– Classic vintage details
– Pink selvedge ID

Japan Blue Jeans

Unlike its “progenitor”, the Japanese brand Momotaro, JB is less oriented towards conservative classics and more inclined towards modern youth trends. Variety is always a great thing.

The jeans have a modern slim fit that can be worn well with sneakers. Available in two colors: black and indigo. This denim has elastic additions for ease of movement and comfort. However, the look is quite traditional jeans. A great option for spring or summer is to walk the streets or skateboard.
– Tapered fit
– 12oz Denim
– Polyurethane added for comfort
– Available in two colors: black and indigo
– Zipper fly
– Non-selvedge denim

This is the exact same model with a skinny fit and lightweight 12oz denim with elasticized additions. Even if you’re a hardcore fan of Japanese classic jeans, at least one pair of these comfortable post-processed jeans would be good for your collection.

All in all, we would like to say that the world of Japanese denim is quite diverse. We all have our own preferences in choosing the style or type of denim of our jeans. At the same time, the new season will surely push you to do new experiments. That’s why we decided to make the proposed selection diverse in style, not limited only to conservative classics. We would be glad if our tips will be useful to you!


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