Denim Showdown: SD-102 CB vs. SD-101 Which One Fits You Best?

In D’ARTISAN’s SD-100 series, the SD-102 CB is the loosest-cut model.

Although this cut is called LOOSE STRAIGHT, personally, I don’t think it’s excessively loose.

Compared to the classic straight-cut SD-101, the SD-102 is slightly looser, closer to the style of the 1950s. Today, let’s compare these two, stay tuned.

The front placket has the classic 5-button style.

Like the SD-101, it’s one of the deepest waist styles in the current jeans collection.

The small coin pocket features D’ARTISAN’s signature brand label, and please pay attention to the color of the stitching.

Unlike other classic staple jeans, a dark brown thread is used here.

This subtly emphasizes its uniqueness.

Of course, this pair of jeans also features D’Artisan’s renowned signature “blue selvedge edge.”

Next is one of the classic elements of D’Artisan jeans, the stitching on the back pockets and brand logo. This pocket is also a topic that can get quite maniacal, with some subtle differences. Did you notice them?

Now let’s talk about the unique feature of the SD-102 CB, which is the cinch back, also known as the buckle back. The “CB” in SD-102 CB stands for cinch back. Since the SD-102 became a staple denim , the makers have always paid attention to this aspect. Because of its relatively loose fit, this clever addition of the cinch back not only adds a retro feel to the jeans but also gives wearers the option to adjust automatically. Whether you gain or lose weight , as long as it’s not too extreme, this feature can accommodate it.

SD-102 CB and SD-101

Next, we will compare and verify the SD-101 with various parts.

From left to right, we have the SD-102 CB and SD-101.

Firstly, let’s start with the waist and hips.

While the front rise is roughly similar, can you notice the subtle difference in the angle of the hips? This results in the hips of the SD-102 CB being slightly wider.

In this picture, the thighs of the SD-101 appear to be wider, but…

I stacked them together for easier comparison.

The top one is the SD-101, and the bottom one is the SD-102 CB, but when stacked together, you can see that the SD-102 CB is wider.

This subtle difference in width is crucial for the silhouette, but if it extends all the way to the hem…

The difference in width remains almost constant until the hem.

Well, that’s to be expected…

But, at first glance, it might seem like “the difference isn’t that big…” but once you try them on, the contrast becomes quite noticeable.

Once again from left to right, we have the SD-102 CB and SD-101, this time comparing the back pockets.

This is the MANIAC-style difference in the stitching of the back pockets and brand logo pockets that I mentioned earlier.

The pockets on the SD-102 CB are slightly smaller, and the angle rises towards the side.

This results in differences in the vintage setting of the pockets, comfort during use, and the appearance of the buttocks.

Sure, let’s take a look at the wearing effect of these two pants. I will compare today’s wearing photos with the previous SD-101 wearing photos.

SD-102 CB OW-33 VS SD-101 OW-33 

I’m wearing size 33 of the SD-101. I intentionally put on the same shirt and boots. And I tried to pose as similarly as possible. Through this comparison, it can be seen that the SD-102 CB pants have Wider legs and are looser at the cuffs.

Next, let’s take a look from the sides.

Upon comparison, it’s clear to see the width from the knees downward.

From the side view, you can more clearly see the differences in silhouette between the two. SD-102 CB has a distinct workwear feel, while SD-101 appears slightly looser but more streamlined.

From the side view, you can more clearly see the differences in silhouette between the two. SD-102 CB has a distinct workwear feel, while SD-101 appears slightly looser but more streamlined.

The style differences between the two models are evident from the back view.

The cinch back design of the SD-102 CB brings a unique feel. In this picture, you can clearly see the size of the hips and the position and angle of the back pockets. additionally, because the back pockets of the SD-102 CB are smaller, there is also a greater distance between the left and right pockets, resulting in a larger hip area.


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