Graph Zero | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim

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GRAPH ZERO: Arrow Feather Denim & Herringbone

Graph Zero | Denimio Premiuim Japanese Denim
These are Graph Zero’s original shorts with a twist, based on the weave of kendo kimono with denim base. The warp is indigo rope-dyed, and the weft is woven with raw and lighter indigo yarns. Also, the warp yarns changed patterns between stitchings and its light, only at 11 oz! This is an interesting original fabric featuring Graph Zero’s playfulness with a nostalgic Japanese vibe.
Nippon Cotton Cloth is a weaving company that weaves denim with other fabrics. The company is a professional denim fabric maker that pursues a vintage look by evolving the traditional indigo dyeing with plants and trees dye pigments with the traditional Bingo Kasuri dyeing technique. The twisting and weaving techniques that originated from Bicchu Kokura are still developed until now and used to produce this fabric. This 13oz orange-eared selvedge denim is made with organic cotton from Nippon Cotton Cloth and Graph Zero. Each yarn is hand-dyed by the Kase-dyeing technique and is available in indigo and persimmon tannin.
Graph Zero | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim
The denim is woven slowly with low tension and is the original selvedge denim of Japan Cotton Cloth and Graph Zero, two orange selvedge lines to prove the original work. The fabric has a moderately coarse feel, and the unique unevenness and atmosphere that can only be achieved by hand-dyeing with natural dyes can be enjoyed in this one-of-a-kind denim.
From Graph Zero comes a simple and wearable open collar shirt that combines vintage dress and work details. Made using the application of double weave, arrow feather denim. Also known as the “yagasuri” pattern, which is a series of arrow feathers pattern. This is a traditional pattern that is often seen in kimonos with hakama, period dramas, and Kabuki costumes. A sense of modernism for something traditional and blue, another unique work of Graph Zero.
Graph Zero | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim
Graph Zero | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim
Graph Zero | Denimio Premiuim Japanese Denim
Reminiscent of the U.S.NAVY shawl collar coveralls of the ’40s, this jacket has been transformed to Graph Zero’s interpretation. The shawl collar is modernized a little than the vintage. The shawl collar is slightly resized from the old version, and the chest pockets are convenient for holding small.
The fabric is Graph Zero’s original denim fabric of about 11 oz in a patchwork-like weave pattern with no joints, combining right twill, oxford, stitching, broken twill, etc. Another fabric is used for the collar. It is much lighter and softer than it looks, and can be worn as a cardigan with an intermediate design between a shirt and a jacket. The more you wear it, the more you can enjoy the color fading of the various woven patterns.






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