Follow Samurai Jeans Exhibition to Check Out Must-Have Items

Imagine yourself walking into an industrial, conceptual, place and find the full collections of Samurai Jeans. This brand has done a wonderful job in inventing tiny spaces to become a paradise for denim lovers. Denimio was invited to join the famous SAMURAI JEANS EXHIBITION as an exclusive guest.

At the Samurai Jeans annual event, we have seen incredible items as well as received a rich mine full of information about them. And what for? To share it with our fellow denim lovers, of course.

Samurai Jeans has been offering a variety of garments. All categories from jeans, outerwear tops, T-shirts, to accessories have been released with high quality and heritage stylish designs. Wondering what are the must-have items that you should get? Take a closer look now and consider these items as a must-have for your collections.

Denimio presents ‘Must-Have Items: recommended by Samurai Jeans’. Following is an exclusive interview with the brand during the Samurai Jeans Exhibition in Tokyo.

Denimio: Let’s start with a simple question. What are the main characteristics of Samurai Jeans that differentiate your brand from other brands?’

Samurai Jeans: Among the Japanese denim community, we are the pioneer brand of heavyweight denim. Besides that, we develop fabrics that offer beautiful fading potentials.

Talking about fading, as you may already know, Denimio has been working on SAMURAI AROUND THE WORLD SERIES. Other than the latest ‘Samurai x Denimio Europe Edition’, we just delivered superb pieces; Exclusive Samurai x Russia Collaborations as well as Samurai China: Oath Peach Garden Edition to our members.

Soon, we will see the amazing fading results from our global fans. We would love to invite anyone who owns a Samurai x China collab piece to join sharing photos campaign on social media channels and get a special reward! Check out the details by clicking here.

Denimio: What is the main concept of Spring/Summer 2019 Collection?

Samurai Jeans: The main concept of our spring/summer 2019 Collection is “Back to Origin”. We designed a brand new denim collection with simple details to match our brand’s tradition. This year, you will see more rare collections that will be released on a regular basis.

Denimio: Back to the last year, what was a best-seller item in 2018?

Samurai Jeans: We introduced a lot of special items because we celebrated our 20th Anniversary in the year 2018. Among those items, the 25-ounce denim was the most popular piece, including the exclusive S710XX25OZGDB 25OZ GDB MEMORIAL MODEL TIGHT STRAIGHT collection in Denimio.

Denimio: As Samurai Jeans is one of the best exquisite faded jeans brands, could you share with us tips to produce high potential fading denim?

Samurai Jeans: Denim is generally made of yarn and we call it “Nakajiro” which means rope dying. We generally dye indigo on the fabric surface to create an outstanding denim’s character. By the time denim starts to fade, it gives clearer color and contrast. In the weaving step, to get to slubby denim, we technically weave it loosely. Another highlight is the density: namely, the harder the denim, the easier fading you will get. That’s the reason why most Samurai Jeans are heavyweight denim. If you would like to have efficient fading, on top of all the elements above, we suggest you wear your jeans really often.

Denimio: Which ones in this collection do you recommend?

Samurai Jeans: We highly recommend a new Samurai jeans collection – ‘S0712XX’ that is suitable for starters. The cutting is based on a popular model 710WX which is tightly tapered to give a perfect fit. This 15oz denim will guarantee nice fading results.

Samurai Jeans: Our next recommendation would be the 511NBK jeans made of 17oz black denim with selvedge, reproduced jeans from the year 2017. It was really popular and we decided to release it once again after we upgraded with a new model.

Samurai Jeans: This fabric is perfect for anyone who prefers a brand new and fresh look. Black elements like the leather patch and name tag support the overall dark tone denim. They are very versatile – you can pair these jeans with any top.

Denimio: Finally, what would you like to say to Samurai Jeans fans?

Samurai Jeans: We are extremely dedicated to produce many kinds of unique fabric to support our denim lovers around the world. This year, please anticipate more releases and limited editions. We can ensure that you will find more interesting denim and hope you enjoy even more amazing fading results.

Hope you enjoyed the interview and start to look for your best pairs 😉 As you may already know, Denimio offers a variety of Samurai items at the most unbeatable prices. In addition, the ‘Reward Points’ are available for use as an extra discount for your next purchases. What are you waiting for?