HAND ROOM – Minimal and Elegant Selvedge Denim and Shirts

In 2016, we promised you more exciting brands, so we would like to take a moment to introduce you to one of them: Hand Room, a label we are super excited about and that is a great example of our ideal of stocking rare and little known brands for you guys to check out.

Hand Room is different from a lot of other Japanese brands. Very often, Japanese denim labels are associated with a certain repro style (heavy denim, tucked jeans, heavy work boots, etc) and Americana.

“What sets this brand apart from many American and European brands is the production side.”

Hand Room is super minimalistic – it basically has a smart casual approach with some characteristics of American and European fashion. Their looks are subtle and not too flashy, and they offer clothing suitable for the office as well as outdoor activities.

What sets this brand apart from many American and European brands is the production side. The Japanese way of manufacturing still shows distinctive features. Hand Room uses high-quality materials that come at a certain cost. Behind these simple-looking goods there is accurate work including handmade manufacturing. They do not cut any corners: to make a single piece of Hand Room clothing, countless time-consuming steps are involved, which results in breathtaking product quality.

Hand Room primarily uses supima cotton (superior cotton). What is it famous for? This cotton is characterized by extra-long staple (ELS) which allows to produce soft material from slightly twisted threads. The material becomes very comfortable to wear from the get go.

We selected some of their items which we think will enrich your wardrobe!


A distinctive modern and urban cut

This is a classical casual shirt with a straight cut. It is practical and can easily be combined with a variety of styles (street, casual, smart). This one goes well with chino trousers as well as with jeans. The button down collar is fixed with 3 buttons (2 in front and 1 at the back). There is also additional stitching at the back to add shape. This results in a sturdy collar that won’t lose its shape no matter what! At the back, the stitching of the collar in the area where it is buttoned is quite interesting. There is a loop at the yoke (a common detail for various shirts).

“The cut is very modern and urban, and we love it all the more for that!”

The breast-pocket is rather unique. It has a round shape and it gets wider in the lower part. At the inner part of the cuffs there is a lining made of softer material to add more comfort to the shirt.

The stitching of the armhole is interesting as it becomes narrower in order to bring more harmony to the look. At the bottom, the shirt has a cutout to allow for comfortable movements.
The cut is very modern and urban, and we love it all the more for that!



The beautifully clean styling of this white oxford shirt is what makes it stand out

This shirt comes in the same cut, however, it has some special features. The material used here is lighter as it is supposed to feel weightless – and you should totally try it out as it will blow you away. This is perfect for hot weather and high humidity. Despite the light material, there’s no compromise on quality: the construction is extremely sturdy.


While Hand Room really stands out when it comes to shirting, their jeans do also deserve your attention. Jeans by Hand Room are minimal, simple and only come with the absolutely necessary details – stripped down to the pure essentials.

“The denim has a middle density of 13.5oz, which makes it a perfect pair of jeans for every season.”

One aspect that does stand out is the fabric. The cotton used here is a mixture of long-staple supima cotton and short-staple cotton from the USA. Therefore, the denim is instantly comfy and soft but won’t stretch too much, unlike other very soft jeans made of long-staple cotton. The fabric has a rather smooth texture with a little amount of slub caused by shuttle weaving. The denim has a middle density of 13.5oz, which makes it a perfect pair of jeans for every season. We stock two of their cuts which we really like.



A classic, comfortable fit

This straight regular fit is one of the most traditional and comfortable fits – a true classic. These jeans are comfortable, functional and suit different body types. It’s also a very versatile piece of clothing – the rise is neither high nor low and the button fly reminds us a little of older Levi’s. It’s not repro style, just timeless.

The back pockets have a classical and slightly rounded 5-angle shape. These pockets are as clean as it gets – there are no hidden rivets, no tabs, no arcs.

The patch comes with a great texture

The patch is made of light-colored leather and just carries the brand name. It comes with a great texture – check it out!



This slim fit is super popular in Japan

This is a nice slim fit with a moderate taper. It’s a super popular fit in Japan and works with sneakers, boots, and even some nice dress shoes. Apart from the fit, the main difference from the straight cut is the zipper fly. You get the same amazing fabric and the super clean style.

Both models showcase Hand Room ‘s main concepts of functionality, minimalism, elegance and high quality.

One small piece of advice: Sizing is different from other brands (instead of 28-36, it’s S-XL) so we advise you to check out the size charts.

We are sure that HAND ROOM will become one of your favourite brands and kicking off 2017 with this brand feels perfect for us. Go to denimio.com to shop our selection.