Our Favourite Japanese Street Trends 2015 for Men

Japan is known to set fashion trends all around the world with their sophisticated color combinations, quirky sense of style and a simplicity that is easy to emulate. Though some Japanese fashion trends can be outrageous and crazy at times, we love the way some Japanese fashion can be simple, yet sophisticated. We will be sharing our favourite Japanese street trend of 2015 for men.



Traditionally used as a winter garment to keep its wearer warm in winter, the parka has become a fashion statement for many all around the world. Though it is usually used as winter wear or simply as a windbreaker, the Japanese fashion trend uses it as a clever accessory to your simple patterned (or plain) t-shirt inside. It’s a very casual look that is still very fashionable and trendy.

Cuffed Jeans/Pants


People have been rolling up their jeans for decades and as some of us may have guessed, the trend started off not as much as a fashion statement than it is a necessity. However over the years, this fashion trend has been successful and recent resurgences seen by celebrities and fashionistas everywhere rolling it up in style. We must say that the Japanese totally rock this style with many easily pulling off the cuffed jeans with confidence and finesse. Be it rolling up your jeans and matching them with your new pair of coloured socks, or go sock-less with a pair of vintage boots, this fashion trend will bring out the more adventurous side of you.

Tartans & Plaids


Once a popular pattern for outdoor profession attires, most popular among American lumberjacks, the tartan/plaid fashion has made a comeback in fashion over the years. This pattern is becoming the trend of choice for many youths who like the simplicity of the classic crossed horizontal and vertical bands. We suggest going for long-sleeved, plaid/tartan shirts and rolling the sleeves up for casual yet sophisticated look.



When we talk about fedoras, the first image that pops to mind may be Marlon Brando’s trademark look in The Godfather movie. Fedoras became widely associated with gangsters at the height of its popularity in the 1920’s to early 1950’s. It was considered a formal fashion accessory. The Japanese street trend embraced the fedora and made it fashionable with casual streetwear. With the fedora conventionally associated with formal wear, making it work with a smart combination of colors and other casual accessories, definitely made it one of our favourite Japanese street trend of 2015.

Sakura Coat


The Sakura coat is basically a trench coat with design taking cues from deconstructed Japanese tailoring with with an over-sized fit. The over-sized fit of the Sakura coat allows for easy layering of garments and accessories, making it the ideal street wear for those of us who would like to be more creative with our garment layering. The Sakura coat is also ideal during the winter season, or if you are simply in a cold place.

Colour Combination


One thing that separates Japanese street trend from the rest is their adventurous usage of colours combinations and contrasts to make what they’re wearing a fashion statement. It doesn’t matter if you prefer a dull and dark colour template or an outrageous explosion of colours in your clothing, by using contrasting colours, your simple streetwear becomes an eye catching fashion statement. If you are an extremely adventurous person you can put together a whole array of strong contrasting colours, or if you want to play on the safer side you can alway opt for a simply accessory with a contrasting colour template to what you’re wearing. Your imagination is the only limit!

Which ones do you like best?

So, here’s the list of our favourite Japanese street trend of 2015 for men. We know that there are plenty more out there that should make the list, so let us know what are some of your favourite street trends this year!

*Photo Credits: http://strato5.exblog.jp and  tokyofaces.com