Lo and behold: Our in-house brand W&W by Denimio

We at Denimio feel blessed to be working in the amicable denim-community. We have made so many friends over the years and every time someone buys their first pair of denim from us, we hardly can contain our excitement. So we wanted to give something back and decided to create our own in-house brand to offer you great denim at an unbeatable price.

We proudly present: W&W by Denimio!

W&W by Denimio

In 2016, we decided to start our own brand as a team-building exercise. After servicing over 10.000 customers in over 70 countries, we wanted to translate our experience into products that aim to ease a beginner’s journey into the strange realm of raw denim while still being attractive for advanced hobbyists of denimology!

A lot of texture and super versatile


Our staff loves, lives and breathes denim, and who would be better to create a brand than the guys who pack your parcels, take product photos or measure out your jeans and handle countless different jeans every day in our brick and mortar shop in Yokohama? Right: No one! So we thought it would only natural to launch a in-house brand to put all our experience into amazing products.

Our staff rocking W&W by Denimio

We had a clear goal: We wanted to create jeans that are affordable for people who are new to the denim world. Therefore, we wanted fabrics that are hassle-free and make sizing easier. At the same time, we wanted these to be interesting for denimheads who already have a few pairs in rotation.

Details, details, details

Therefore, we sourced a really great fabric. It is 15oz denim that has a loose weave but uses very tightly spun cotton. And not just any cotton: 100% American Supima cotton. This is one of the best types of cotton in the world. It is very soft, yet super durable thanks to its extremely long staples. It’s a rope dyed fabric and it has been dipped into pure dark indigo A LOT. The color is extremely dark and will fade beautifully. Because we have chosen a sanforised fabric to avoid further shrinking, we were able to add a zipper which is very popular in Japan.

Just to be clear, even though this fabric is sanforised it can rival a lot of loom-state denim in terms of character!



The leather patch is veg tanned and it will age beautifully. For the cut we have decided to go for the most popular cut in Japan: A slim straight silhouette. The jeans are made in Okayama, in a factory that has been doing vintage construction for decades now. They know their stuff and the jeans are all the better for it.

Top notch vintage construction!

We have been very careful to tick all the boxes of vintage production: These jeans have hidden rivets, hidden selvedge in the coin pocket and raised belt-loops. There were no corners cut and we are glad to offer such an amazing piece at a price that is really hard to beat.

A classic yet modern cut

Originally, we only wanted to sell these in the store in Japan but after some international costumers visited the store and brought their W&W jeans home, we got a lot of questions about them and decided to make them available on denimio.com as well – without much marketing noise. Your feedback has been overwhelming and has encouraged us to tell the story behind W&W and have an official launch now. We are extremely thankful and we have started to sign the pocket lining of our jeans with a little thank you note. It’s signed by our staff who have been working tirelessly to make W&W a reality.

A thank you note from our staff 🙂


Usually, these would not qualify for free shipping because they are priced below 15.000JPY. We hope you enjoy these jeans just as much as we do and thanks a lot for making all this possible. You can get your pair of W&W here