Major Momotaro Giveaway, Success!

Hello comrades! We are super excited to have gotten such an amazing response to our Momotaro Jeans Giveaway contests. As of today, we had over 300 awesome slogans by Momotaro fans! For the winners of the Momotaro Jeans, congratulations to own a piece of premium Japanese Denim heritage! If you haven’t participated, check out our Facebook page and see if it’s still running. Don’t forget to Like our page for more updates! (





2 responses to “Major Momotaro Giveaway, Success!”

  1. Nadia Avatar

    so, they started at 29 ihnces in the waist, right? any stretch? what about the leg and shrinkage? i always have to get my stuff hemmed and it’s hard to wait like 6 months before you’ve washed them and shrunk them as much as they will to then finally get them hemmed. the bulky cuff can be more than i want some days, y’know? any feedback is appreciated.

  2. Kiana Avatar

    I rellay needed to find this info, thank God!