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Mens Body Type: Oval

Mens Body Type | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim
Typically featured with a more rounded and considerably wider hip or stomach area than the legs and shoulders ⏤ men at the larger end of the physiological pool. The focus of this body type is reducing the waist area and your legs are generally slimmer than your upper half.
You’d want more a slimmer silhouette and try to make your shoulders look more prominent. Remember garments with slim vertical lines, pieces with darker tones, wide-leg pants combined with strong shoulder paddings to draw the attention away from your mid-area. You may relate to James Corden and Zach Galifinakis. You’d want to pick jeans with these features and cuts.
How to wear Jeans for Oval Body Type:
  • Dark types of denim
  • Straight Cut, short hem
  • Big top block, semi-tapered

TCB 50s Jeans

TCB Jeans 50s | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim
TCB 50s is the ultimate jeans for Oval body types: the high rise helps blend your midriff with the waistline, giving you that effortless slimmer silhouette without sacrificing the relaxed top block either. Based on our customers, TCB 50s has been in our evergreen bestseller forever because of its ease of wear and versatility. The other great thing about these: it’s not as straightforward as we’d think it is. TCB respects vintage and history a lot, but they understand that some cuts need some revisions for the modern men. With a bit of tapered from knee to hem, it exactly matches up to your expectations to look taller as well.
TCB 50s is great to wear with darker t-shirts and sneakers that are a bit tapered at the front to give you an even more balanced silhouette from top to bottom. You can also style these with a simple single-breasted vest, long sleeve shirt, and dark brown leather shoes.

Graph Zero X Denimio Jeans

Graph Zero X Denimio | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim
Other repro-inspired jeans for Oval body type, Graph Zero is one with the incredible fabrics but this one packs a punch with the back pocket positions that covered your whole back better, instantly giving you that balanced and slimmer cut from front to back. With a silhouette that’s not too wide nor too tight, the top block is perfect for those who wanted a better fit at the thighs and a bit of taper from knee to hem – this is what Graph Zero and Denimio meant by modern straight. Jeans that are just perfect for 2021.
Go for a more playful everyday look with this one: this pair is a perfect option for everyday casual wear with any type of top you’d like. A long sleeve burgundy cotton top with some leather bracelets and white sneakers is a great way to go – the semi-tapered cut gives you an instant taller silhouette and well-fitted white sneakers drive attention away from your mid-area to your bottom area – jeans and shoes altogether, just perfect.

S520XX17OZ Samurai Jeans X Indigoshrimp – Around The World: Australia

Samurai Jeans x Indigoshrimp | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim
We’ve presented the not-so-straight, semi-tapered, and now, here’s our recommendation for a more tapered look but with a good loose top block. This pair is also the darkest color from the other two, giving you a more sophisticated look.
At a normal rise, the waistline sits perfectly above yours but still giving you more dimension to your torso. Since you’d want jeans that don’t bunch up at the bottom but are not fitted too much to making your legs look super skinny against your mid-area, this pair is a relaxing tapered cut. Meaning this pair got a relaxed cut overall from top block to hem but the taper doesn’t suffocate your calves.
Now, you’d want all attention to go here – when you’ve got a Samurai on you, you need to respect their aesthetics. Any type of v-neck shirt in black or dark grey, paired with awesome loafers in patina-ed leather gets you to places. Let’s say this look is one of that understated elegance: where the wide collar signifies the seriousness, but the jeans and its details make the whole look more fun than you’d imagine. or wide-collared shirts.

Useful Tips for Oval Body Type

Mens Body Type | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim
Mens Body Type | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim

Image: James Corden

You may also want to combine these pieces with different jeans like these:
  • Elongate your body by wearing vertical stripes patterns. These tops tend to be colorful, make sure your jeans are in lighter indigo colors, so they’re not a huge contrast to each other.
  • Apart from having darker colors in your wardrobe, having tops and bottoms with the same spectrum of colors helps. Opt for darker shades of indigo in general.
  • Opt-in for the V-neck shirts and tops with long sleeves to create that slimmer silhouette. A wider collar shirt balances out the wide proportions. With these, get jeans with a comfortably loose waist ⏤ note that you’ll look best in jeans that start above your waistline, making your legs look longer and your overall look slimmer.
  • Consider untucking your shirt for your everyday style to blur your waistline and maybe opt for suspenders instead of belts if you want the support.
Avoid these:
  • On wearing suits, maybe choose denim vests or single-breasted outers. These jackets are perfect for this body type since it’s in the darker spectrum, single-breasted, and the texture appears toned down.
  • No turtlenecks or outers with big patterns, it’ll bring attention to your midriff. Avoid lighter-colored fabrics on your clothing – maybe these picks can be your best option.
  • Get straight-cut jeans but be careful ⏤ don’t let the bottom of the jeans bunch up (a full jeans break). This will make you appear shorter.
  • If you do want to wear belts, don’t wear them tight and avoid bright-colored or big-width belts. This will draw attention to your stomach area.


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