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Mens Body Type: Pyramid

Mens Body Type | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim
One of the most common body types, the triangular body has a wider waist than shoulders. Draw eyes away from the mid-section, and this body type will be able to pull heavyweight jackets best. Fear not, we’re here to get you the best options when it comes to denim, jackets, and jeans. Maybe dressing up could be inspired by these celebs: Jack Black, Alec Baldwin, and Adam Devine.
How to wear jackets and jeans:
  • Heavy, heavy jackets with lots of neps, slubs, and get ’em real thick.
  • Dark types of denim are the perfect choice for this body type.
  • Get as narrow a taper of jackets as you can.

Get these Jackets

Tanuki YUJKT2 Jacket

Mens Body Type | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim
Equipped with a longer torso and slightly higher front pockets to give a better lift to the shoulders, YUJKT2 is best worn for this body type. The cut is naturally tapered at the hip since the straight cut from shoulder to waist isn’t altered for the Triangle body shape. At 16.5 oz, the weight gives enough volume to give the upper body more breadth, and also the indigo dark dye is just perfect. The twist is inside the jackets: the lining is in cobalt blue, brighter than the outer part of the jacket, never boring wear out of this one.

Studio d’Artisan SP-055 Suvin Gold Crazy Jacket

Mens Body Type | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim
This jacket is crazy rich in details: two different types of denim woven together with Suvin Gold cotton combined with design elements from classic Lee and Levi’s. At 15 oz raw denim, it’s actually softer than it seems. This jacket is the most perfect jacket for this body type as the asymmetrical cut gives a tapered torso to the waist. Looks disorienting but works so well with the silhouette. The zigzag stitch will provide an attention anchor for a slimmer view from the front.

ONI 02525P SHM Kiwami Jacket

Mens Body Type | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim
Another masterpiece from ONI, a reminiscence of the Awa-Shoai color. The volume of this jacket makes your top part looks fuller effortlessly: at 16 oz, the texture is super rough and uneven. It won’t make you look bulky however, the 3rd type cut where the length is slightly extended and adding modern details with the V-stitching at the front ⏤ you probably won’t realize you’re grabbing this over and over again. It just looks together with everything.

ONI 01507DIZR Jacket

Mens Body Type | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim
Out of all the jackets we picked for this body type, this one is by far the thickest, darkest, and slubbiest out of them all. Got the 20 oz fabrics, check. Secret Denim dark indigo, check. So many neps, slubs, and pure texture ⏤ check. A true repro cut, the 1st type jacket ⏤ complete with a front pocket, pleats (gives you the taper and narrow silhouette directly to the waist), and a cinch (this is the ultimate tool for that nipped-in waist, making you look slimmer instantly). This is a Denimio exclusive model, so when it’s gone… We never know if it’s going to be back!

Jeans for the Triangular/Pyramid Body Type

On Jeans, for the Triangle body type, remember to keep it simple, avoid too many details, and stick to the classic fits. Avoid cuffs that make your legs look wider, draw attention to your upper torso to get the best balance. Here are our recommendations for jeans:

Samurai Jeans S510XX

Mens Body Type | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim
No doubt, for as long as we’ve been in the denim community, these pairs have always been mentioned every step of the way. The original OG of Samurai Jeans, that straight cut looks formal and easy to wear at the same time. No matter the occasion, these pairs will match you well. The straight cut is special, from what we heard in the community, it’s that cut that could never get copied no matter how many brands try to. It amps up the behind while giving you volume from knee to hem. The thigh section is neither too tight nor too loose, it just sits perfectly.

Samurai Jeans S510SXJ-IDY

Shinsengumi – Ikedaya Incident

Mens Body Type | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim
One of Samurai Jeans’ best fabrics you could ever get in 2021. The Shinsengumi – Ikedaya Incident not only cops the best Regular Straight for Triangle body shapes but the story that inspired the fabrics gives these jeans something special when worn. The fabric falls down into a darker indigo grey denim but underneath different lighting, it could be more indigo and even more grey. This will be one of the best picks for those who want to look simple with basic pieces but looks sophisticated within each piece.


Mens Body Type | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim
This one is a fascinating cut for a Triangle. Not the usual classic but worth trying if you find the straight cuts too baggy at the calf section. The cut is in Modern Regular Straight that features baggy fabrics all over your leg but not as baggy as a Classic Straight fit would’ve done. This one is at 20oz too, perfect for any heavy-duty work or the cold winter weather.

Japan Blue J10TH3 10th Anniversary Circle Edition

Mens Body Type | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim
Ok, getting confused? Let’s get you to a safe choice. Japan Blue is the perfect entry-level jeans for anyone in the world. The Circle editions have always been our go-to when you really don’t know which one to get. It’s a simple classic straight cut that will accompany any of your outfits and the color is in deep indigo that’s not too light nor too dark. Literally perfect for your simple style.

Pyramid’s Best Practices and What to Avoid:

Mens Body Type | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim

Image: Russell Brand

  • Verticals everywhere. Get them for tops and drive attention to your upper half this way, creating a slim silhouette throughout.
  • Though jackets should narrow at the waist, in general, get tops that are a bit lose throughout. No oversized, just a tiny bit lose.
  • No double-breasted jackets. Looking bulky and heavy is what we want to avoid and get polo shirts and roll necks instead.
  • Tops like polos and turtlenecks tend to emphasize body type, showcasing your narrow shoulders and more of your mid-section
  • Be careful of the colors in your clothing. Even with patterns, don’t pick the ones with too much contrast: pick the ones that have almost the same tone of colors or tops in darker colors are the best options.


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