Mens Body Type | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim

Mens Body Type: Rectangle

Mens Body Type | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim
Though this body type forms a small group, it’s still completely different from the Oval body type. This type is usually tall and thin, with a straight line drop from shoulder down to hips. This is where you get to play around with silhouettes and more textures a lot. Scroll further for our best tips.
Remember, the ultimate goal for a rectangle body is to create the illusion of broad shoulders and a slimmer waist. You’d want the athletic build look, the key point is to accentuate your waist and giving your shoulders more width. Celebs to inspire you: Ewan McGregor, Hugh Grant, and Ashton Kutcher.
How to wear the Jeans:
  • Dark types of denim (to give attention to your shoulders and upper body)
  • Heavily textured types of denim (giving more volume to your body)
  • Avoid tapered cut – Go for relaxed or straight cuts
  • Low rise jeans (avoid getting jeans at the waistline since it’ll elongate your leg and accentuates your rectangular form more)
  • Avoid soft types of denim (TCB, Graph Zero, and Momotaro Jeans), opt for the thick heavily-textured types of denim from ONI and Samurai Jeans instead

ONI 510 SHM Kiwami

Mens Body Type | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim
Since they arrived at Denimio, these have been a crowd favorite for 2 years in a row. We understand why – the texture is something that the ONI Master has worked hard on to produce: that heavy slub and texture that’s just special ONI. Rectangle body type would really love the texture on this one, and not only that, you’ll fit in well with the cut Neat Straight – it’s not so narrow at the thighs and will give your calves and bottom-half way more volume. We especially choose this one since it has a normal rise so the nipped-in by the waist look is apparent.

ONI 288ZR Secret Denim

Mens Body Type | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim
Secret Denim’s volume and rough thickness is no public secret ⏤ we’ve lost track of how many times we’ve restocked this version. The 288ZR cut is the perfect jeans for rectangle body shapes since it’s not only got that normal rise to get the waist structure, the nature of the fabrics literally adds your body volume without even trying. That’s what we want right? The effortless silhouette looks versatile and sophisticated at the same time. Let’s talk about indigo: the depth of dark indigo is neither too black or too blue. It lies on that comforting dark blue spectrum in reality. If you’re someone who wants jeans for everything, this one is the perfect pair. We can assure you that.

ONI 107ZR Secret Denim Bush Pants

Mens Body Type | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim
These ones are for those who want to play a bit risky. Though the silhouette is slim straight ⏤ a bit narrow at the thighs and goes straight from knee to hem (the rectangle body fits perfection), the details at the pockets are the main players on this. Bush pants are famous for being used when people hunted in the old times, which explained the huge space for the pockets. We call this risky because even though this could get your waist for the bigger shoulder built, the heavy details at the pockets call for a balance when you pick what to wear as the top.
We recommend wearing this with a simple long-sleeve cream sweater and your favorite dark brown boots with a narrow front. Accessorise with your favorite items and this look would definitely bring out a unique side of you.

Studio d’Artisan SD-101

Mens Body Type | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim
This and the Secret Denim in 288ZR is a close-tie, most definitely. It’s a crisp cut of straight with flowy folds when worn ⏤ one of our crowd favorites that never go wrong with any outfit. These are for you who cares more about the overall look than just the jeans, it’s simple jeans from an awesome brand that knows Japanese denim super well. What we meant by overall look is when you have a top you’d want to wear but you want this top to stick out more than your jeans, this pair is your pick. Or if you want to wear that spicy shirt but want jeans that’s still cut you at the right silhouette without getting in the way of your accents.

Samurai Jeans S500AX Ai Plus Jeans

Mens Body Type | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim
First launched for their Fall 2020 collection, the concept for Ai Plus is to combine both natural and synthetic indigo together, the hue becomes a special kind of color that you can’t really find in any other pair. The texture is especially unique for this one. It’s heavy, it’s neppy, and it’s slubby to the core – you can see the white yarns brushing out since the weft is woven in too. The cut is in between Regular Straight and Slim Straight resulting in a relaxed top block, with a slight taper from knee to hem.

Our Useful Tips for Rectangle Body Type

Mens Body Type | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim

Image: David Beckham

Some of our best tips:
  • Emphasize your shoulders, get items that have padding in them, do more with horizontal stripes and patterns to broaden your torso, and make sure to wear fitted jeans at the waistline to create a V-shaped upper body.
  • Do more with accessories above shoulders or your torso: wear items with more pocket squares, lapel pins, and ties. Accessorize around your neck with scarves, wide collars, and even play with more details around your tops to keep the attention above your torso.
  • Time to play layers! Since most mens’ clothes are bulky at the neckline and taper at the waist, you won’t need much help in this one. Add more volume to your upper body to give your silhouette a greater appeal.
  • Avoid tops that don’t really shape your body, get tops with padded shoulders and a bit of taper from torso to waist.


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