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Mens Body Type: Trapezoid

Mens Body Type | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim
One of the most adorned body types in the masculine spectrum: broad defined shoulders, developed chest area, and smaller waist. But, be careful ⏤ this body type has some tricks you need to pay attention to. Though lots of mens’ clothes are based on the inverted body type, you still need to pay attention to how your upper body doesn’t beat your lower part of the body.
You can be either too smug with the tight-fitting clothes or look too common with this body type. Though many clothes fit you, define your style as you go along. Here are our best picks and tips for the Inverted Triangle. Inspire your style with these celeb looks Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Jason Statham, Vin Diesel, and Channing Tatum.
How to wear jeans or jackets:
  • Go light for jeans and lightest for tops and vice versa to really give that narrow waist effect at max. This also gives your body that equal proportions.
  • Wear slim jackets with no padded shoulders to really showcase the upper body silhouette. Soft-shouldered jackets are your best friend.
  • Let your jeans touch your shoes if you cuff ’em – let ’em be long enough not to show your ankles.
  • Define your styles with numerous details for your jeans. As we’ve said before, this body type may be the easiest to dress but without some styling, you won’t stand out from the masses (or maybe not standing out isn’t your style either. Read on more jeans to make you look snazzy or just simple.)
  • Straight is the go-to cut and light denim indigo is the best jeans for this body type. Read on to find out which cuts are the best.
  • Don’t forget the belts, this is to really get the proportions in order.
Best style: polo shirts with light denim jackets in light indigo and go dark for your jeans.

Jeans for The Trapezoid

Burgus Plus 770AI

Mens Body Type | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim
One of the most special jeans ever existed: a natural indigo-dyed fabric, a heritage fabric of Tokushima prefecture armed with the ‘Awa Natural Indigo Dyeing’ method that lots of craftsmen struggle to make. An outstanding fabric in the perfect cut for inverted triangle body type. The color isn’t too dark since it’s super uneven. The jeans are fluffy with slub and an incredible rough texture.

Studio d’Artisan x Denimio DM005 Nebuta Jeans

Mens Body Type | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim
Remember when we said avoid prints? Your upper body may not look good in prints, but this one is in a pattern for your lower part. Inverted triangles are all about proportions: these nebuta jeans are for you just want to look effortless but not lost to the masses. It is a wild pattern, light than most types of denim we’ve got and even though this one is in the tapered silhouette, the light color makes your lower part of the body stand out more. Cinch your waist with a black belt and a dark polo shirt while wearing this and dark-colored sneakers while you’re at it.


Mens Body Type | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim
Both simple and vintage: this is for you that love that laid-back look but are still in the 40s era at heart. Other great daily jeans for the inverted triangle body type as the details will make your legs look proportionate to your upper body: super slubby with low tension weave, natural indigo without being too dark on you, straight cut that’s wide but with modern revision – it’s not too wide.

Japan Blue CIRCLE Edition J366ID

Mens Body Type | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim
Need a super simple denim fix? This one may be the one with the best budget all around. With ample details that accentuate Japan Blue: copper male rivets, natural cowhide leather patch, Circle logo pocket bags, and awesome Cote d’Ivoire Cotton Selvedge Denim. At a slim straight, these jeans are made for inverted triangle body types. Though narrows a bit at the calves, it maintains the straight cut to further accentuates the overall look.

Tanuki Red Cast RCR Jeans

Mens Body Type | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim
A Red cast fabric that makes the scene about 4 years ago and breaks into a great vintage fades. Super slubby and fuzzy can help inverted triangles body type style up any tops you’ve got. Denim that got a reddish hue that’ll make any of your look super easygoing and effortless.
On jackets, we chose the best sellers with no padded shoulders so your upper body part won’t beat your lower part. From denim jackets to outers, here we go.

Tanuki Red Cast Jeans 3rd Type

Mens Body Type | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim
To accompany the Red cast jeans above, it got a super relaxed cut with a fastener button to the waist. Perfect to downplay the padded shoulders to a great fit. At 16.5 oz, this jacket is perfect for your winter or autumn style, simple white polo shirt, and leather boots. The color reminds you of the reddish hue of indigo, giving that unique look from rare denim.

Studio d’Artisan D4187 Blanket Jacket

Mens Body Type | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim
Another favorite amongst the staff at Denimio, this has been in our top ten bestsellers for over 3 years already! What makes this so great for the inverted triangle is the relaxed shoulders to let your shoulder give the silhouette, one-breasted with zigzag caramel stitching to really give your style a kick without being too much. The contrasting stitching against the denim gives your upper body that distinguished rugged look. This, with a white tee, caramel corduroy pants, and patina-ed leather boots will boost you to the next level of style.

Momotaro Jeans 07-115 Indigo Knit Cardigan

Mens Body Type | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim
Momotaro for Autumn Winter 2021 has been the hype: they’re leveling up with more tops, cuts, and silhouettes. We recommend this one since inverted triangles may struggle with styling your upper part of the body. These tops will give you some ideas on how to wear clothes that suit your body type. Pair this with light-colored straight-cut denim, your favorite dark shirt, and this indigo cardigan. Or even houndstooth pants if you feel like it. The possibilities are endless to experiment with your own style. Tag us when you do style up!


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