Momotaro DE003 – Stealth Battle Stripes (Limited Edition)

LIMITED EDITION: Momotaro DE003 – Stealth Battle Stripes

OK – we haven’t been this excited about a collab in a while. Why? Well, picture Momo’s favorite fit (their slimmest tapered fit which we used in our DE0305 collab), their favorite fabric (the deep blue from the 0705SP), sprinkled with some tactful red inseam stitching and added STEALTH BATTLE STRIPES. Read more below for details and how we came up with the stealth stripes and for photos of all the details. Trust us, worth the read!


So why Stealth Battle Stripes?

After the success of our DE0305 deep indigo collab with Momotaro, we realized a lot people liked seeing subtle stripes. So we went back to the drawing board and decided to push this as far as we could take it. Luckily the Momotaro team are the most flexible and creative guys in the Japanese denim world, so they patiently worked with us and added their invaluable input. We went through countless stripes trying to find those that were the closest match to the color to the fabric…. until we finally found them. Trust us, in person, you can barely even notice any stripes. See below for broad examples of the progression.

And WHY do we think this is insanely cool? Because the stripes fade at a different pace than the denim. So as you wear these babies in, those subtle black-ish stripes will begin to show.


battle stripes progress_small

Momotaro’s Favorite Fit

Their slimmest tapered fit, usually reserved for European models, and which has been a huge hit with our DE0305 Momo collab (pictured below).


(DE0305 Deep Indigo Pictured)

The Most Coveted Momotaro fabric

Beautiful deep blue from Momotaro’s popular 0705SP that starts showing lighter hues of indigo and ends up with fades that are sublime. Don’t trust us, check out this Heddels post to see some fades and below for the fades from the Hall of Fade by ISTZ…. Now imagine those with the stealth stripes!


(0705SP Pictured)

Other Amazing Details

Momo x Denimio patch, pocket prints (one in honor of the year of the Monkey and the other one a classic Momotaro peach), copper rivets and a mix of black buttons plus a top copper button. Humbleness aside… I think we outdid ourselves with this one.

other details