Momotaro Jeans | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim

Momotaro Jeans Spring/Summer 2021: Thrive Through Summer

Momotaro Jeans | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim

This cult-status brand on denim is out for Spring/Summer clothing. If you’ve been here long, you’ve seen these easy shirts sell out almost weekly. The quality of its cotton is unparalleled for some, for us it’s the innovation too.

01-092 & 01-093

The Spring/Summer 2021 Collection is made for you who’s looking for versatile, easygoing, and home-friendly apparel. The waistline is armored with easy rubber inlines to mobilise your movements throughout the day. The loose and light thighs are focused for any movements and won’t hurdle your day.

Shirts for Summer

Momotaro Jeans painted a summer full of ease and blue-based favorites. Not only apparent in denims, it shows throughout the shirts and t-shirts. Shown here a vibrant without being overbearing blue batik shirt and Momotaro’s special peach boy shirt to wear throughout the summer this year.

Cotton Outers

No, Momotaro is still out with incredible cotton apparels. Bored of just white t-shirts, shirts, and plain tops? See how these black and indigo kimono-inspired outer can spice things up during the hot weather.

See the rest of the collection

It’s not hard to love Momotaro Jeans ⏤ proven themselves years to years of how the collection work beautifully for a lot of us quality apparel lovers.


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