Momotaro x Denimio Cobalt Blue – Dare to Wear Radiance

Come closer, because Denimio would love to invite you to discover the latest elite innovation: “Momotaro x Denimio Cobalt Blue DE004 Selvedge 14oz”.

Cobalt Blue, A Historical Deep Shade of Blue

For you who are not familiar with “cobalt blue”, you may not know that it is quite a unique blue pigment that is created through mixed oxide of cobalt and aluminum. It is an extraordinarily stable pigment and thus, this material can be relatively costly. Cobalt blue has been well-known at least since Middle Ages as for its radiant, vivid and contrast characteristics. It has been used to color jewelry, ceramics, and any other paintings.

Ready for this sacred shade?

Gents, Momotaro and Denimio discovered the possibility to use this cool material to create a brand new collaboration: Momotaro x Denimio DE004 140z Original Cobalt Blue Selvedge Slim Tapered Jeans.

The highlights? Of course, not only its rich indigo and bright cobalt blue colors but also completed with its textured fabric and various amazing details.

Let’s get started!


See, indigo warp and cobalt blue are perfectly compatible!

The unique color of denim is glowing and eye-catchy. Long staple Zimbabwe cotton is harmoniously woven in 14oz density fabric. You say it! The finishing texture is just as smooth and soft as the classic Momotaro Jeans’ well-known signature characteristic.

The warp thread is dyed with the classic dark indigo while the weft thread (which usually remains undyed) has the very bright coloring of cobalt blue. This result gives an extremely rich and unusual color when you are looking at the jeans from the front side. And hey, these jeans have a great potential for beautiful fading!

Cuffing Momotaro x Denimio DE004 is how you can show-type the main unique feature of this denim. The color of the back denim is just so vivid and contrast with white/cobalt blue selvedge. It will be a new staple jeans for your warmer days 😉

Do you prefer to not rolling up your jeans’ legs? Don’t worry, because they will still look awesome! The (unusual) dark tone and even texture are great additions to your collection. Momotaro x Denimio DE004 provides you a chance to experiment with a wide range of mix-and-match possibilities. Of course, with any of your favorite tops and shoes 😉

Come closer, because you will discover cobalt blue pigment in the selvedge thread! Conceptual purpose, high technical production or stunning contrast, whatever is the main reason behind this detail, it’s just so cool, isn’t it?

Cobalt Blue Denim: Fading Progress

The real fans of Japanese denim brands probably have seen some other cobalt blue jeans model in Pure Blue Japan XX-018 or XX-017. The color game is just sooo wonderful with fascinating fading results. Check out the fading process below!

credit: Selvedge1

credit: Selvedge1


DE004 model is designed to have a slim-tapered cut with a lower rise. If you are familiar with our long-standing collaboration DE003, then you will realise that this model features a brand new fit.


To complete a perfect cobalt blue concept, Momotaro has picked sheepskin leather patch to achieve the greater contrast on its patch: light brown background with a rare bright blue prints. Denimio’s signature beetle symbol is depicted on Momotaro’s peach image to match the unique concept of this great masterpiece.


Nothing better than keeping the main things original, don’t you agree? The back pocket features a classic pentagonal shape with Momotaro’s signature Going to Battle (GTB) silk screen printed in cobalt blue color. A peach tag is attached to create complete the detail.

With the intense color and the famous signature, these jeans will definitely step up your look!

The top side of the back pockets is reinforced with hidden copper rivets. Artistry comes with quality!

The yoke lining is made of special customized Kamon jacquard fabric.

Time to take a look at the tiny 3 in 1 details.

From this picture, we can observe at least 3 interesting details. First, a white label with Momotaro inscription in cobalt blue as the main essence among vintage jean. Second, ‘Denimio logo side tab’ and eventually, the classic orange and lemon color stitches at top block. This is how professional Momotaro is to brighten up this limited collection!

The inseam is stitched with a bright cobalt colored thread.

Hidden bonus: if you bend the edge of the coin pockets, you will discover a cool cobalt blue selvedge line.

All buttons are customized and made of bronze, except the one on top: it is a copper donut button, just like your favourite characteristics of 40’s jeans!

One side of the front pocket lining is as unique as it can be. Every jeans’ feature is mentioned over here so that you will never miss out any single detail that makes this pair super special!

The original Denimio x Momotaro Jeans print is featured on the jacquard lining.


To sum up, this is definitely a memorable release. Momotaro fans have no way to refuse this cool and a must-have collection. For those who have not owned any piece of catchy-eye garment yet, we dare you – get Momotaro x Denimio Cobalt Blue DE004 and be prepared to see yourself in new and superior look!

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