New Tanuki 2021


KUON Sweater

The KUON sweater must be the softest crewneck we ever laid hands on! The loopback fabric is comfortable like nothing else and is stunning to look at! Dyed with natural and pure indigo, the salt and pepper look oozes different shades of blue and makes the uneven texture really pop. The fabric is called Hayate (疾風) which means storm or gale and when you lay your eyes on it in person, you will see why: it’s wild! KOUN means forever and that is the perfect name for a classic crewneck like this which will never go out of style! The elastic ribs come in black which is a great contrast, the side seems are a chunky blue, and the embroidery on the shoulder is clean as always!

While the fashion scene turns more multipolar in the 21st century, other centers like Berlin, Los Angeles, Madrid, Rome, São Paulo, Shanghai and Tokyo host important fashion weeks.

The YOROI utility pants are perfect for everyone who loves denim jackets but wants to avoid the Canadian tuxedo. Cut from their super sturdy 25oz canvas, which has been softened with an environmentally enzyme wash, these pants combine Japanese design and craftsmanship with some good old ruggedness. The top block is relaxed but thanks to a shorter inseam and a strong taper, these will give you a very modern silhouette. This kind of cut with this kind of fabric is an absolute novelty and Tanuki pull it off perfectly.

Dyed in drab olive and golden brown, these pants feature roomy front pockets, back pockets with a flap opening, the lovely deerskin leather patch and Tanuki’s custom black hardware (which will reveal its bronze base after some wear). These are going incredibly fast and we urge you to get on it if you want the perfect pants for the Spring!

YOROI Utility Pants


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