On Denim, The Ultimate Primer, Pt. I

It may seem daunting. And, hell, we won’t argue with that.

These are all great brands made by the most storied and expert hands. You can’t find a bad product here. I slide into a pair of Denime’s and I feel at home. They fit so well. I look at some Flat Heads and they have such an interesting darkness about them—the same goes for Eternal. And Momotaro there exixt so many variables. We carry this wide range of brands because we believe in all of them, know they all make a fantastic product, and, above all, know that there’s something for everyone at the end of the day, with our inventory. Which, too, can be daunting:

Now, that's a lotta denim.
Now, that’s a lotta denim.

Looking at these brands and all they have to offer may seem intimidating at first. But trust us, it truly isn’t. It just takes a moment to get a feel for what you need. Honestly, it is a little bit like buying a car, bike or computer — you do your research. You spend hours trying to figure out what is best for you. You ask other people. You do you. As you should. And with time, you come to find what you want.

Always feels so good.
Always feels so good.

Then, there’s a trial and error process, finding your ideal fit. Hoping it doesn’t shrink too much. Or, damn, too little! Hoping it will accommodate your weight loss/gain. Hoping it will be okay to wear to work because they obviously look cooler than anything else around. (Let’s take a moment to give a high five to anyone we see at work wearing selvedge denim from Japan while we’re at it! Commence Team Denimio massive high five — Go!).

But relax.

That’s what we’re here to do. We are know-it-alls. Yeah, we are. We’re okay with that. You have questions. We have answers. And we take all the uncertainty out of buying your first, second or hundredth thousandth pair of high end Japanese denim. When you buy Denimio, you buy with the knowledge that we will work with you to find both what you want and need. We wouldn’t do anything less. If you have any questions, please use our live chat system or email support@denimio.com. Our experts are passionate — and global — so your questions will be answered accurately and promptly.

Whether you’re seeking a spiritual bond with your new Japanese selvedge or sick fades, we got you. In fact, we got you in five parts. Part II is coming your way in a flash. Stay tuned. This is going to be a good week.