ONI’s shows no sign of slowing down in 2020. Their latest drop has it all: new fabrics, new cuts, and some really outstanding dead-stock fabrics!

We’ll cover the 5 new items that hit our warehouse now and you’ll know why we’re still drooling over these!

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ONI branches out here doing something radically new. Their idea was to create a material that feels and looks like covert twill wool but is made out of 100% cotton. If you look at this insanely textured salt-and-pepper fabric, you can immediately tell that they succeeded. This new fabric is brought to you in their sought after 03100 jacket, a great and versatile workwear jacket.

The cut and silhouette give the jacket a clean look. It is a proper relaxed fit without ever been too loose – a style that won’t overbear your overall look. From a formal to a simple look, this jacket does it all. Comes with ONI custom hardware of course .

The texture is unique where it’ll go with your jeans’ worn texture as well, accommodated with details like right-front inside pocket and a collar that you can’t find at any other clothing. A Made in Japan quality – simplicity with elaborate details for a fascinating result of wear.

This selvedge twill fabric has a few twists up its sleeve. It is a Japanese reproduction of the colour of old British military uniforms – a texture known as Katsuragi. To get as close to the vintage inspiration, ONI developed a reactive turmeric dye that is versatile like nothing we have seen before: Depending on the viewing angle, the color changes between, khaki, beige, and even olive. To make things even more interesting, the yarn is quite unique too. Look at all the blackish neps that covers the surface. ONI do not disclose how they achieved this only that they used a dead-stock yarn for this that they cannot source anymore. This extremely limited edition should tick all the boxes for everyone who wants to add some non-indigo items to their wardrobe without compromising on texture and authenticity.

So many neps that are caused by the low tension of the loom machine and irregular thread. Another unique fact is that this jacket is based on old French workwear jackets. With this versatile color, this jacket works in any season and any time of day.

The earthy colors that inspire the texture of this fabric will become more evident the more you wear it.


The 15.5oz NIXX denim is a brand new fabric that is completely different from the usual XX fabric in both yarn and dyeing methods.
Some customers have enthusiastically requested WW type straight cut that has not been released in the last few years. You wanted it, here it finally is.


Straight model with a spacious waist and high rise, a true WW inspired classic. 


Sheep leather for the patch, custom ONI hard-wear. The rivets are made of copper and the jeans feature all the classic characteristics of a quality pair: hidden rivets, raised belt loops, hidden selvedge ID detail in the coin pocket… this one has it all.

A revolution of denim — the stretch in the fabric gives you the best of both worlds: a super smooth feel and amazing texture at the same time. The mid-rise gives you plenty of space in the top block and the strong taper makes for a slender silhouette. This gives you total mobility and comfort. Though stretchy, the fades are no joke — the fabric can do vintage and high contrast fades, depending on how your wear and wash them.

If you want to get the fitting selvedge chinos to go with your new British Twill Selvedge jacket, look no further, Enjoy the black neps, the tumeric dye, the texture on pair of pants that are suitable for hard wear or the office alike.

The color shifts from khaki, to beige, and olive – depending on the light. This is one best experienced in person.

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