Personalize your denim- with fades!

One of the most notable features of jeans from raw denim is its personality and the ability to “beautifully age,”- to lose color, and to fade as well. Your everyday activities, lifestyle, habits…etc, all of this will be displayed on your pair of jeans that you constantly wear.

As the denimheads-enthusiasts say – jeans begin to fade  (that is, to fade, shed, discolor). This effect is most pronounced after washing the jeans,  provided that the wearer has been actively wearing the jeans for a long time.

Different denim can exhibit fades in different ways. Some jeans can lose color slowly enough, but the transition of indigo shades from the undeveloped areas of denim to the rubbed areas will be very contrasting. Some jeans on the contrary, show fade more gently with a less contrasting transition. Different types of cotton can also be differently rubbed. Long-fibered, soft, fluffy cotton gives an untwisted thread, with the dye penetrating deeper into it, while cotton with a short fiber gives a stiffer, tightly twisted thread and indigo stains only on the uppermost layer of thread. In the first case, the fade will not manifest immediately, but in the second case it will be visible already from the first time. There are a lot of nuances and differences here, greatly distinguishing the Japanese denim from everything else.