Samurai Jeans Book of Five Rings

Samurai Jeans S5000GX-HII, S710GX-K and S511GX-S – Continuation of the Cult Series “The Book of Five Rings” For Real Connoisseurs

Samurai Jeans is one of the most prominent among manufacturers of classic Japanese jeans. Since the distant 1997, the company has been producing unique and distinctive products that organically combine the style of classic American jeans and fascinating Japanese features. The legacy of vintage American jeans has been developed by Samurai to the masterpiece. So, it was Samurai Jeans who first offered the jeans from heavy and extra heavy denim, as well as jeans with details inspired by Japanese history. Perhaps now, many outside of Japan are trying to create something like this. But … hardly anyone else can make jeans similar to Samurai, but themselves!

Limited and collectible editions attract the special attention of all Japanese denim lovers from around the world. First of all, these jeans are loved for their unique customized denim, which may not be found in any other production model, as well as for a large number of exclusive details. The issue of The Book of Five Rings dedicated to the famous treatise of the Japanese fencer Miyamoto Musashi occupies a special place here. Each model symbolizes a certain book and a certain element, using a weft thread dyed with a particular natural dye. For the first time, a similar series was launched by Samurai Jeans 10 years ago. Yes, we at Denimio know that experienced and sophisticated denimheads were thrilled to see this issue again after a long time 🙂 In order not to repeat again, we strongly recommend you to read our previous post about the release of Samurai Jeans “Book of Five Rings” – models S710GXT and S511GXM, which sets out in detail the essence and features of this particular release (we assure you that it will be very interesting).

So what awaits us this time? Denim lovers need to get acquainted with “The Book of the Fire“, The “Book of the Wind” and the “The Book of the Void“.


Unlike the previous issue of Samurai Jeans’s “Book of Five Rings”, which dealt only with the 5000 model in various denim colors, this time the manufacturer used different styles – the flagship and legendary 710 model, the newer, but already very popular model 511, and the good old classic – model 5000, which was produced in this series 10 years ago.

710 – Samurai Jeans S710GXK 17OZ

The Book Of The Wind

The unconditional calling card and best-seller of Samurai Jeans for many years around the world. These jeans have a medium front rise, moderate slim fit with a smooth and very slight tapering of the leg from the knee.
This is a modern universal style, such jeans look great with a pair of durable boots, as well as with light sneakers.

The photo shows the model S710GXT17OZ 17OZ “Earth”

511 –Samurai Jeans S511GXS 17OZ

The Book Of The Empty

This model has a slightly narrower leg cut, a slightly lower front rise and a denser top block. This is a modern graceful narrow style.

The photo shows the model S5011XX 15OZ with this style

5000 –Samurai Jeans S5000GXHII 17OZ

The Book Of The Fire

A classic of Samurai Jeans. A straight classic regular jeans of medium width with medium front rise. A great option for those who prefer the good old 501-style.

The photo shows the model S5000VX 17OZ with this style


Denim, its texture and beautiful color change are an extremely important aspect for all manufacturers of classic Japanese jeans. Samurai Jeans have tremendous experience in using a wide variety of denim from a variety of raw materials and with various dyeing methods. For the “Book of Five Rings” series, a special denim was used, which is not repeated in any production model of Samurai Jeans. The concept of this issue is such that each model has denim with a weft thread, which is dyed in the color of the elements using a natural dye.

A red weft thread (dyed with plant-based dye) for S5000GXHII 17Oz “The Book of the Fire”.

A green weft thread (dyed based on leaves) for S710GXK 17Oz – “The Book of the Winds”.

A weft thread of gray color (already familiar Sumi color, charcoal-based dye) for S511GXS 17OZ – “The Book Of The Empty”.

For all three models, a denim density of 17 OZ is used. This denim is a little denser than average. This density allows you to wear jeans at different times of the year and denim texture is noticeably expressed at this density.

The combination of warp yarn dyed with pure synthetic indigo and colored weft yarn is designed so that the weft seem to give the desired indigo shade (in this case, it is reddish, greenish or grayish). In life, it looks very beautiful, depending on the lighting, such denim will play in a different shade. When jeans get fading, this feature will manifest itself even more.

The combination of warp yarn dyed with pure synthetic indigo and colored weft yarn is designed so that the weft gives the desired indigo shade (in this case, it is reddish, greenish and grayish). In life, it looks very beautiful, depending on the lighting, such denim will appear in different shades. When jeans acquire fading, this feature will appear even more.

It should be said that the weft yarn gives exactly the right shade for the warp yarn dyed indigo. It does not make such jeans too bright and pretentious. All three types of denim look very noble.

The texture of denim is heterogeneous (slubby), at first this feature is barely noticeable, but over time it will manifest itself more and more. This denim fades very quickly. Tightly twisted thread (so that the dye does not penetrate very deeply) from American varieties of cotton and rope dyeing are used here. Almost from the very first try you can already notice the first traces of fading.

Denim fading on the example of the S710GXT17OZ 17OZ “Earth” model from the same series. Jeans have been worn for about 3 months.


All Samurai Jeans are characterized by very noticeable details. Sometimes, picking up a pair of jeans in your hands I want to look at them for a long time, studying the details. Some details may not be immediately obvious, but after some time. Particular attention to detail is given in this series. All of them have references to certain elements and related books.

The patch is made of goat skin. This is a fairly soft material, after prolonged wear, the patch will get beautiful wrinkles, which will make give a beautiful vintage look.

This is how the patch of jeans S710GXT17OZ 17OZ "Earth" looks like that has been worn for about 3 months.

Model S5000GXHII 17OZ – The Book Of The Fire has a patch depicting elements of fire of red color.

Model S710GXK 17 OZ – “The Book Of The Wind” has a patch with the image of elements of the wind of green color.

Model S511GXS 17OZ – “The Book of the Void” has a patch with the image of the elements of the void of gray color.

We draw your attention to the fact that this material presents exhibition samples. On jeans that go on sale, each patch will have an individual pair number.
Pockets have the classic Samurai Jeans style. The upper corners of the pockets are reinforced with hidden copper rivets. The arch is made in the color of the element to which the jeans model belongs. The tab on the pocket is orange.

This tab means a rare, collectible edition.

We also draw your attention to the fact that all these jeans have a special lining in the color of elements in the back pockets. Special buttons are used for jeans in this series. They have exactly the same style as 10 years ago. The buttons are made in the style of the 40s, “donut button”. On the front side there is an image of all five elements of the Book of Five Rings.

The golden color against a dark background looks very noble and impressive.
The burlap of the front pockets is made of material, the threads of which are also dyed with natural dye in the color of the element: red, green and gray.
The belt is sewn with a durable chain stitch, the V-shaped stitch in vintage style is made near the top button.

The weft thread contrasts very nicely with the dark indigo. A golden thread is woven into the selvedge, indicating that the special issue of Samurai Jeans is in our hands.


Thuswe can say that we have to see a truly unique issue, which has incorporated a lot of what Samurai Jeans is rightfully proud of. Moreover, it is worth noting that the release is built in such a way that everyone has the opportunity to purchase all these jeans, collecting the entire issue completely in his collection.


The most popular and sought after silhouettes of Samurai Jeans are presented. Denim is really unusual and amazingly beautiful in color (and each shade makes the indigo open in different ways). Expressive texture and very fast fading.
We can only thank Samurai Jeans for the opportunity to get the “Book of Five Rings” again and wait for ordered jeans.

Have a great denim shopping!


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