Studio D’Artisan D4128 – A Modern Look of 1950’s Rider Jacket

As soon as the warm September days change to colder autumn weather, a denim jacket is one of the coolest fashion that will complement your fashion style. Previously, we have shared with you an interesting blog: Top 10 denim jackets that we love in Denimio. This time, we will introduce you to a freaking legendary! We are pretty sure you will love it 😉

When we talk about “denim jacket”, what will you picture? Most people may say classic patterns inspired by Levi’s classic jackets: Type I, Type II or Type III. However, if we look back to the history of denim, Levi’s is not the only one. ‘Lee’ is one of the top brands that we should not forget. Classic cowboy jackets have been produced and released since the 1930’s. With these vintage, retro style, you definitely understand why Lee has been the main source of Japanese denim jacket inspiration.


In 1931, the company ‘Lee Union’ released a new type of jacket which was created especially for cowboys. The new model was named 101J (J means “Jelt”). That denim jacket had a classic style in memorable design with a tight fit and the belt-length. It was completely different from roomy denim work jackets. The jacket had a beautiful zigzag stitch line, slightly large sloping pockets and an adjustable cat-eye buttoned belt.

Photo source – Pinterest

The rider jacket was made of 11.3OZ denim with extra strong left-hand twill (LHT). It has become extremely popular as a casual and fashionable outerwear. Nowadays, many people around the world still fall for it.

After a short while, Lee released an insulated version of this jacket in 101LJ model (the last two letters describe Lined and Jelt). The jacket had a warm colored lining and a collar of corduroy and included soft light material. This model was so popular, especially when most celebrities wore them in Hollywood movies.

Photo source – Pinterest

Today, something wicked this way comes! We have been working with Studio D’Artisan to drop an exclusive collection in Denimio. More amazing details have been added and this is tough to beat!


Studio D’Artisan stands respectful to old-fashioned clothing, especially classic American brands. The company seeks to complete American vintage images with its own concept. In their latest collection, Studio D’Artisan has released an awesome remake of the classic 101J. This is a special edition that you can find only at Denimio!


D4128 has a recognizable cut inspired by the Lee 101J. It is designed in a tight fit and length to the waist. For a better movement and comfort, it is produced in a slightly wider fit than the original version. This way, you are able to put on an extra layer in cold weather without losing your stylish look. What a thoughtful move!

Length to the waist allows you to pair it well with medium or high rise jeans. Comparing this jacket with Tanuki Jacket, there is a noticeable difference that we can find in their pockets. D4128 is designed to have large chest pockets which are perfect for a stylish look without losing their usability.


D4128  is made of 14OZ denim which is heavier than vintage Lee jackets while keeping its classic style on left hand twilled (LHT), just like the original. The texture of this denim is relatively smooth and not slubby. The awesome stuff that most of you are looking for: you will achieve beautiful fades with the pure indigo denim of this rider jacket. All seams are intentionally made convex. When we acquire some fading, the seams will look really impressive!


The first thing that immediately catches public eyes while looking at this jacket, definitely the large and asymmetrical chest pockets. These pockets are originated from Lee’svintage jackets. When a cowboy’s lifestyle was different from a worker’s lifestyle, “Life in the saddle” inspires this special shape. To complete the design, at the bottom of the pocket valve, Studio D’Artisan’s label is featured. To imitate the old Lee’s style, this label has lemon-colored threads with a black background.

Pockets are really convenient to use with large flap design fastened with a button. The pockets are roomy, you can easily get your stuff.

One more nice detail that is kept similar style with the original is the donut button design with a wreath on the front side. Buttons are made in dark black color.

Waistband buttons have got “cat’s eye” shape, a recognizable detail of vintage Lee jackets. 

Plank features zigzag stitch. This outstanding detail gives an additional firmness to shape of the jacket.

Studio D’Artisan classic label is sewn inside.

For those who prefer a warmer version of this jacket, we have releaser SDA Storm Rider in model D4187. Remember to it out because it has unbeatable awesomeness as well 😉



This impressive modern version of the classic Lee jacket clearly shows SDA’s passion with retro, classic masterpieces. This item was born with full functionality and design to suit every vintage lover. Already have a Type II or Type III jacket in your wardrobe? It’s not an excuse to not getting this special edition that will give you a different feeling and experiences. We bet you don’t want to wear the same jacket with others, don’t you?

D4128 is super limited and we expect it to sell out instantly. Pre-order now and you’re all set for Christmas. Remember, these will not return!

Enjoy shopping!