Studio D’Artisan’s 12oz Jeans: Perfect Lightweight Denim for Summer

Japanese brand Studio D’Artisan quite often pleases with the most different releases of jeans. Often this manufacturer combines American vintage style and Japanese craftsmanship. For those who are looking for jeans for the warm season, we wholeheartedly recommend the SDA 500 series, which uses low-density 12oz denim. 

If you’re looking for warm weather comfort and a versatile fit, we’d suggest you take a closer look at the SD-503 model discussed below.

Studio D’Artisan SD-503 12oz Tight Straight
This jeans model combines a classic yet modern fit, lightweight denim that’s good for summer and all the classic details of Studio D’Artisan jeans.

Let’s go through everything in detail and in order! 🙂

As you can easily understand from the name SD-503 this style is based on the old best-selling Studio D’Artisan SD-103 model. This cut is inspired by the style of the 60’s, when jeans were becoming a popular fashion item and were no longer associated only with workwear. Here we see a very neat straight cut. It is neither very wide nor very narrow. This style is equally well combined with both heavy boots and light sneakers. Of course, the second option is more relevant for summer. Not very high rise is also due to the fact that these jeans are oriented to a relaxed street style. Look how good and harmonious these jeans look in the photos below.

The fit of the SD-503 is very tolerant of all different body shapes. So if you are the right size in the waist and length of the jeans, you will probably have no problem with the fit of these jeans. There are no complicated details such as a narrow upper thigh or a narrow leg opening.

The denim used here is a low density 12oz denim. Don’t think that this is a very plain denim. Studio D’Artisan has done a good job on this fabric. The classic “pure indigo” rope dyeing is used here. The yarn has a very dark color on the outside, but the inside remains undyed. Therefore, such denim will fade over time. Also, if you look closely we see a slight heterogeneity of texture and a beautiful “velvet” effect of fluffy cotton fibers. Such jeans will have a tactile comfort when worn. So you can enjoy this denim in summer and by fall get a beautiful fading.

The distinctive features here include the pink selvedge ID.

Unlike other Studio D’Artisan releases, the 500 series uses a paper patch instead of leather. This is done to emphasize the lightness of these jeans and to pay respect to the 1960s when paper patches were used for jeans.

  • It features the classic image of SDA pigs, which almost always brings a smile. Pressed moisture-wicking paper is used, which will stand up to many washes of your jeans.
  • The SD-503 has a classic back pocket style with well-recognized SDA arches stitched with contrasting threads.
  • The front pockets are reinforced with classic copper rivets. The coin pocket features a white label with Studio D’Artisan branding.
  • The jeans are fastened with 4 metal buttons. Since this model has a relatively low fit at the waist, this number of buttons is optimal. The style of the buttons itself is vintage-inspired.

Thus we see almost perfect jeans for summer. You can stick to a classic or modern urban style of dressing, and you will not feel uncomfortable in these jeans. So we would like you to wear the SD-503 with great pleasure!

Studio D’Artisan SD-508 12oz Relax Tapered
The silhouette of these jeans, featuring the soft fabric characteristic, made with the same 12oz red ear selvedge denim as the SD-503. The silhouette is the same as the classic SD-108/908, known as the relax tapered fit.

With a deeper rise and a relaxed fit around the thighs, these jeans taper significantly from the knees down, giving a neat and sleek impression.

These jeans feature a paper patch, unlike the standard ones, allowing you to enjoy the unique aging process characteristic of paper patches in a light atmosphere.

The 12oz selvedge right-hand twill denim has a distinctive texture, and as you wear it, you’ll appreciate the vintage-like vertical drop and texture.

If you’re looking for jeans that are comfortable to wear even in the summer, be sure to grab a pair now!


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