ARTIFACT is Superga’s premium collection celebrating 100 years of shoes and craftmanship. Taken from the Italian word ‘Artefatto’, this colletion is launched with men in mind. Basically this collection by Superga is divided into multiple categories encompassing multiple lifestyles. It’s aimed for men who has an eye to classic artistic aesthe attention to detail but keen on basic and utilitarian refined garment. The collection is derived from multiple facets of Superga’s archival collections ⏤ aimed to display the collection as works of art. Liberty of mindless ornaments and proudly featured in all its pure immaculacy.

The Moleskin upper with heavy cotton fabric that’s woven and pruned for a short, smooth on one side. Comes from the joy of Brisbane Moss (one of the oldest mills in UK), the cupper from the sole throughout the outer sole armored the shoes that’s revived from 70s archives of Superga’s sole – the typical classic pure rubber sole. Japanese Canvas ⏤ the lightest weight for the collection complete with classic canvas upper and typical orange pure rubber outsole.





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