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Japan’s Leather History

‘People have forgotten what well-made means’, quoted from the master craftsmen Katsuhiko Nakano, one of the highly skilled craftsmen located in Tokyo.

Japan has been making leather goods for 2,000 years. For 13 generations, the social status Danzaemon is betrothed to the leather craftsmen that are mainly located in Asakusa. They were the only people who could make leather and the goods and liberated from the social class by 1871.

The Danzaemon wasn’t highly regarded in the past, the stench of making leather was not highly favorable to Japanese people but we believe the stench is the stench of incredible craftsmanship: a certain unpolished, prehistoric stench that comes from something well-made and hand-made.

Now, leather craftsmenship is one of the oldest skillsets available in modern Japan and highly respected since they go with value for long-term wear and limited to only craftsmen like Nakano. Not only that they made leather with the highest quality, the techniques translate into both traditional and incredible long history.

We’re in this together. As the denim industry is working its best to keep the woven looms running, the leather industry also tries its best to keep the sheets stitched.
As both industries rely on quality, we also rely on each other (our denims aren’t complete without the leather patches).
We can help them through you, the category is filled with our specially curated items from your favorite brands and every order will get the hand-stitched exclusive tray for free.
At Denimio, we’re making sure well-made, sustainable, and high quality clothing to make an impact, not only for our environment but for your long-term wardrobe and keeping the Japan’s story alive.

Helping the Leather Industry





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