Looking for new outfit matching ideas this spring? Search your wardrobe, bring all your light-colored clothes and refresh your style from the cold weather. Let’s get started with Denimio Spring 2019 Lookbook: our staff’s exclusive picks for a perfect spring outfit 😉 

Look 1

Look 1: Top

We love this jacket! TCB Tiger Camo Chore Jacket is one of the best garment to complete your spring look. Just wear it on the top of your basic white T-shirt to add a simple but cool layered style. The collar acts as a formal element while the tiger camo pattern adds colors for a non-boring look.

This jacket is full of amazing details; check out TCB’s signature denim at the right chest pocket! It is completed with Denimio original tab. The contrast between tiger camo and indigo really stands out. Unique Denimio blue beetle embroidery can be noticed at the right back stitch line to make this collaboration looks ‘alive’. In addition, the custom deer leather patch is pretty interesting: where can you find a playful cat and beetle playing on the screen?

Note: This is an exclusive collection to Denimio.
Time to not having the same style as others, be yourself 😉

Look 1: Bottom

To match this jacket, we recommend NS1 16.5oz Natural Indigo Slim by Tanuki Jeans. This model features a modern cut and minimalist details that will make you fall for. For you who has thicker thighs, don’t worry because the legs do not have an overly extreme taper with a semi low-rise silhouette. It will help you to stay in a modern mood 😉

In terms of material, NS1 is made of unsanforized rough fabric to keep the core feature of vintage denim jeans. They are rope-dyed with natural indigo dye and woven in low tension. These are the main characteristics for you to anticipate cool fading results.

At the back side of these jeans, you will notice a bright deer leather patch and 2-colored embroidered symbol as Tanuki‘s main icon. These details harmoniously go in the same minimal concept of Tanuki Jeans.

NS1 is simply outstanding. Tanuki is creative enough to showcase the modern cut with classic details such as white selvedge as the main feature of vintage jeans.

Stay in-trend in this season with TCB Tiger Camo Chore Jacket: wear casual without being too plain. Let your white tee and NS116.5oz Natural Indigo Slim indigo jeans do their job: basics are always a timeless fashion.

Look 2

Look 2: Outerwear

Vintage workwear is just simply can’t be ignored! This top light jacket from Japan Blue is a good example. Japan Blue JBJK2044 displays light Hickory stripe fabric as the main attraction. It uses indigo dye to make the jacket turns into blue shades after regular wearing.

This piece is fun to match with a wide range of styles. What about experimenting with a white shirt and Hickory outerwear? You will achieve an interesting urban look 😉

The indigo-white stripes fabric is topped up with beige buttons. It has a left chest pocket and two large hand pockets. The sleeves are not too tight for a comfortable wear.

Look 2: Top

The next recommended item is white Supima Oxford shirt from Workers. This shirt is made of 5.5 oz pure cotton. It can be worn as formal wear but it can also be your favorite casual wear. Just top it up with  Japan Blue JBJK2044.

This shirt has a modified fit. Every detail is meticulously done. There is a single pocket chest on the left side, placed to create an impression.

No more hesitation! If you are a fan of Oxford shirt, Workers can be your great choice to represent a high-quality product. WKSMODBDSHTWHTO is definitely a must-have item!

Look 2: Bottoms

Finally, here we are to present Japan Blue: JB2311VS. This easy denim is a hardcore denimheads favorite! They are made of sanforized fabric at 12oz density. Available in a regular straight fit.

Japan Blue: JB2311VS is a perfect outfit for you who enjoy superb comfort and at the same time showcase a stylish street look. The medium indigo fabric of these jeans will slowly fade, so raw denim fans can have fun with it!

This modern vintage look has a nice combination of layers, colors, and style. How about doing more experiments and create some mix-and-match for a brand new look?

Look 3

Look 3: Outerwear

Love something new? How about our new-comer: Freewheelers? Keep your style up-to-date with our new drop: Freewheelers 14oz denim jacket 1821021. This type-1 jacket is designed to fulfill global denim hobbyists’ demand for a completely classic look from the ’40s. It’s 100% original work-wear style guarantee with amazing quality.

The design was inspired by an American movie in 1982 called “The Vanishing West”. From that, Freewheelers made a cowboy jacket with a large chest pocket and a red tab.

Other details like buttons and rivets are well-made by professional Japanese craftsmanship. In terms of fading potential, Freewheelers 14oz denim jacket 1821021 will not let you down! It is made of fine raw denim with an average rough texture. 

Look 3: Top

This short-sleeve plain T-shirt from Barns is great to pair with any outerwear. BR-1100 LOOP WHEEL gives a nice hand-touch feeling as it is made with pure American cotton and produced by premium loop-wheel knitting technique.

The length combination of both tops made the overall look seems casual and easy-going. What about light/bright color bottoms to match these dark tone T-shirt and jacket? You will get only get a good contrast but also enjoy real spring mood and vibe!

Check out the items above and click here to see more spring collections exclusively recommended by Denimio. Stay tuned to see more looks because we will definitely come back with even more fresh collections in this spring (and of course, without banging your wallet!) 😉