TANUKI: Amagumo/Redcast


The Amagumo fabric from Tanuki is a marvellous new creation that fuses the signature texture of the brand with unique dyeing techniques.

The Amagumo is dyed with black beans which gives the weft a unique grey/blue colour that will yield lovely fades over time.

At 15oz, this fabric is perfect for every season but we believe that it’s just the kind of fresh colour we all need for spring and summer!


The redcast fabric by Tanuki has turned quite a few heads when it was released 4 years ago and impressed even more when the first broken in pairs appeared to showcase some lovely vintage fades. The secret of this denim comes from combining slub yarn at the warp with straight yarns at the weft.

That should result in a less slubby jeans but for some reason, it’s super slubby and fuzzy.

These guys just know how to do it. 16.5oz with a loose weave and all the low tension you can dream of.

The reddish hue that deviates from the usual greencast that dominates most of Tanuki’s fabrics will become more apparent with wear – we are certain, this is fabric will please everyone who missed out on the first run.


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