The best makers of iPhone cases known to mankind: Roberu Leather Factory

We at Denimio believe that you deserve the best of everything. Not only the best jeans,
shirts, jackets, sunglasses, and bags, but also gadgets. We have been scouting the market for quite some time and found the best makers of iPhone cases known to mankind: Roberu Leather Factory, situated in Yokohama- they’re actually our neighbors.


We, just like you, love the concept of wabisabi – stuff that simply gets better with age and not synthetic cover has the ability to develop the kind of patina we’re looking for. Roberu’s have been established in 2008 and their innovative designs are all made by hand with the finest cow leather available. You all have come expect the highest quality and attention to detail from Japanese products (just take a look at your jeans!), and Roberu delivers. If you ever have the chance to visit the Roberu atelier in the suburban Naka-ku area of Yokohama, you should drop in their Brick&Mortar store, where you can find their entire collection and even have something made for you, while you wait. A camera strap can be prepared in as little as 25 minutes and you get to see Roberu founder Shinji Iwamoto do his thing, check it out yourself in this video:

Roberu have been collaborated with Paris based designer brand Cy Choi and made shoehorns for Alden. Most of you might know them for the kick ass iPhone cases that have been around for some years and caused quite some buzz. For the iPhone SE, 6, 6S, 6+ and 6S+, they came up with a new design that is instantly recognizable.


It consists of two parts that are hold together by a screw. This design offers protection for your phone and looks simply stunning! Their leathers are hand dyed with natural vegetable tannins. One special feature is the so called shading leather which develops instant patina… we have never seen anything like it. The pictured iPhone cases have been only used for 8 days, yet already look as if they have been broken in over several months!
Everything is hand-stitched and the embossed logo adds to the vintage look and premium feel of this product.


Feel free to check our their other products such as hats, belts, wallets and camera straps at Each of their product is one of a kind and designed to last for decades. We at Denimio are proud to offer you a rich selection of these exceptional artisans to accompany your raw denim. Because as you know, the best is best paired with the best.