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The Great Denim Battle: Songs of First Impressions #2

Presenting the second challenge of The Great Denim Battle, sincerely from Darahkubiru. Songs of First Impressions tells us the stories denim that usually goes untold, the first minute it goes out into your hands, the fresh slubs out of the box, all Japanese selvedge we’ve been talking about. Enjoy the visuals, soak all the indigo in.

Burgus Plus 955-xx | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim
Burgus Plus 955-xx | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim

Burgus Plus 955-XX | Aditya Mulyawan

A small excerpt on what he said:

With the quality and value offered through this piece, I personally regard it as top-tier as mega-brands from the Sakura country like Samurai Jeans, Momotaro Jeans, The Flat Head, Pure Blue Japan, Eternal, The Strike Gold, Sugarcane, and ONI. Though Burgus Plus is effectively regarded as an alternative brand to Indonesian denim aficionados, as brands like Pherrows, FOB Factory, BIG JOHN, Duckdigger, Eight-G, and etc.

The reason? Clearly the brand offered lots of total high quality as their own standards of quality control.

Lots of its functional and non-functional details shown are also unique. What’s more, the vibe and the classic feel is so present, when touched and also worn.

Through 955-XX, Burgus Plus succeeds in combining classic elements and the modern counterparts perfectly.

Burgus Plus 955-XX | Aditya Mulyawan

As much of a joker as Jean is, he’s into the more creative approach to denim. Though his review is not as technical as the others are, you can see how different and refreshing his voice is into this incredible pair from ONI Denim, the 585XX version.

A bit of what he said:

With 16.5 oz low tension selvedge denim in uneven thread, 100% cotton brimming in red white selvedge. XX taken from Extra Exceed, made from the highest quality as the master always do ONI Denim. Texture is neppy and slubby, after a tempi treatment into its cotton. The uniqueness of this denim lies on how smooth soft and comfy when worn.

If this tense up your curiosity, check the whole denim here – get it!

Read the rest of the review too.

ONI Denim 585XX | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim
ONI Denim 585XX | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim
Samurai Jeans S5000VX | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim
Samurai Jeans S5000VX | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim

Samurai Jeans S5000VX | Satria Purnama

Satria is one of us: the ultimate denim lover, completely memorised all about the brand and he’s in heaven with this pair. This is what he said:

On the inside, the finishing of these are very polished. I don’t even find any excess yarns. The details inside are as merry as the outside. Couple of tags on jeans model and its size, pocket lining fabric special with the thickness as Samurai specialty do, selvedge line in red and silver lame explained how serious this denim is made and how special it is for those who got them.

TCB 50s Jeans | Fadlan

Another one of the crowd’s favorites: TCB 50s Jeans. We all know how blueheads this Darahkubiru team is, Fadlan is another very in-depth and provided us with an awesome Indonesian translation. Here’s some translated review of the jeans:

TCB 50s Jeans launched with a straight cut. I have a bigger and thicker built of hips and thighs so this is one of the most comfortable cuts on me. My first impression: how crazy detailed these jeans are. Don’t get me wrong, the details here are not because of how neat the stitching is. It’s the opposite – excess yarns really made the reproduction of the 1955 year a perfect rendition of the era. The handmade feel is truly present: the quality control is as intense as the 50s are and to really make it a true rendition – the coin pockets are not symmetrical. That’s how 50s done it and that’s how TCB Jeans truly remade it.

TCB 50s Jeans | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim
TCB 50s Jeans | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim
Tanuki IDxID | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim
Tanuki IDxID | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim

Tanuki IDxID

Ido is the guy behind Denimevozz. He may have a following on Instagram with plays on visuals and not much on words. But this legit review from him is not to be taken easy for:

With the proper regular straight-cut, giving a loose to its top block down to the leg opening. Though a one-wash, the stiffness and rigidness don’t hinder the comfort and can be worn the whole day on.

Without saying too much about what he said, check his reviews out on Instagram!

The Great Denim Battle

So what’s The Great Denim Battle? You can read the whole back story here and let us know what you think!

In short, The Great Denim Battle is a way for Denimio to connect with our own community especially those in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore. We will be bringing lots of challenges for them to complete and showcase how denim is one of our best go-to clothing you could ever find. Not only that, we’ll be playing around with a lot of denim and a lot more fun coming your way. Get jeans while you’re at it too!



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