Top 10 weird things people have done to their denim

As we all know, untreated raw denim is essentially a “clean canvas” – and, if I may say so, also a creative space for its owner. Identical, dark, crispy blue jeans are being bought everyday, but only after certain amount of wear and tear can you truly call them yours. As we like to say, jeans are your second skin and they should be unique!

When it comes to beginners or people generally far from the “world of Japanese denim,”many things that denimheads do with their jeans may seem strange and even very far from common sense. Some of these phenomena have a logical rationale and practical meaning, while some are just an personal eccentricity. We’re writing this in hope to help clarify some of the bizarre and out-of-space actions that people will go to to get their jeans “right”. Join us!

1) A person takes a bath while wearing jeans or even takes a walk in wet jeans on the street. Heat getting to you, bro?

We all know that unprocessed (Non-Wash) denim inevitably shrinks after washing. Therefore, in order to avoid the difficulties of wearing a new pair after shrinkage,some jeans lovers just sit down in the water with their jeans on. This method has been used since the days of the Wild West when the jeans had much less accessible sizes than now and were adjusted to the figure with the help of shrinkage.m1

Of course, denim has evolved so much that you won’t HAVE to soak your jeans just to get your size, but for many denimheads, this is a ritual, a tribute to tradition, and a great opportunity to get a well-seated pair of jeans 🙂


2)  You see jeans stuffed with closed plastic bottles(No, this isn’t a room-cleaning technique.)

This practice is very practical albeit a bit strange. It’s all about the same shrinkage of new jeans- If you got your new pair and you’re afraid that the belt will be too tight for you after shrinkage – look to this handy technique! After soaking the jeans you can dry them after stuffing the belt tight with plastic bottles. The bottles will not allow denim to shrink more than is required. After a while, you can get well-seated jeans, and one that is completely snug and comfy on your waist.op_ec7irruox-gotnrttrq

3)  A construction clamp inserted into the belt of jeans. What for?

Of course, everything is the same “struggle for comfort.” Often we get jeans that come pre-processed by factory shrinkage. If jeans sit well in the legs and hips, but the waist length isn’t comfortable, this is what this “denim-lifehack” is used for. In fact, a conventional automatic clamp’s main duty can be both squeezing and unclamping – which is exactly what we need. The belt can be gently stretched with a clamp and dried. Furthermore, it easily fastens. The main worry point is to not overdo it with the stretching and don’t pull out the button.m3

4) Dumbbells and other things tied to trousers, drying jeans. No, sport has absolutely nothing to do with it 🙂

Sometimes it happens that you buy non-wash jeans and after shrinkage, they become too short/small. The return or sale of an unsuccessful pair is not always possible. However, this is not a reason to make shorts out of a new pair of jeans- denim is a fairly flexible material.

h4xsgbjpskmqlsharkwhnqRe-soak the jeans’ trousers again and let them soak in water properly (about the same as before shrinkage). After hanging the same weight (by dumbbells or other heavy objects) on each leg, try to stretch the leg with your hands. Normally the length is stretched to 3-4cm longer than before. This method worksespecially good with long-fiber cotton grades and denim of low density since they are more elastic. However, after each wash, this operation should be repeated. The measure is compulsory, but it is quite effective.


5) In the buttonhole of the jeans, a coin is inserted. Maybe for luck? 

Many people remember the awkward feeling that came with zipping up their first pair of raw denim jeans. Numb fingers and torn nails – this is the price you are willing to pay for a product of excellent quality 🙂 However, even in this case, with the help of rather strange actions and “rituals,” one can substantially simplify one’s life.m2

The button parts can be easily widened and made softer by repeatedly passing coins through the loops.


6) A man sleeps without removing his jeans, probably he is too tired?

Ah yes, a strange and somewhat lazy way to wear jeans;) But there are some denimheads who prefer to wear a new pair including …. in a dream. Somewhere in the course of a day or more, these people wear new jeans without removing them even in sleep, giving them a proper stretch.


7) Why are these jeans worn on the pipe?

Most denimheads don’t shorten their jeans in length nor tuck them, but leave the length as it is, forming numerous folds in stacks at the very bottom. To make them even and beautiful, jeans are moistened with water and put on a pipe of appropriate diameter, carefully forming the desired folds. Then, when the jeans dry, the wrinkles will look very nice.


8) A man sits on the beach in jeans and sprinkles himself with sand. Why is he doing this?

From the outside, it looks quite funny. However, this has its practical meaning-in this case, the sand works like an abrasive and is then washed in seawater, giving the jeans not only a well washing but also a quick contrast of their desired fading, loved by denimheads.


9) Why do people put jeans in the fridge?

It has been said many times that if you wear jeans without washing for a long time, you should not put them in the freezer when hoping to kill bacteria. However, many people still use this strange way. Wearing the same pair of jeans without washing significantly weakens the fabric, making it fragile and unstable to tears. Some strange denimheads in a funny way try to destroy bacteria by putting jeans in the freezer. Perhaps this phenomenon should be treated as a peculiar and eccentric “denim-superstition”.


10) A man rubs his jeans with sandpaper

Some denimheads view this practice as a rather dishonest way of getting fades. The fade that manifests itself on raw denim is a natural process that develops precisely in the process of wearing jeans. However, some people prefer getting things done quickly, combining an active toe and enhancing the effect with sandpaper. In the end, there are no rigid rules in the “denim-world” and everyone is free to use his own thing in the way he likes best.


The world of raw denim is very diverse. Sometimes people go for very unusual and exotic tricks in order to give their beloved pair of jeans a unique and different look. However, what you are ready to do in your “denim experiments” is up to you- just give us a look at least;)!