Oni x Vanitas Travelling Wallet – The long journey has ended!

The Oni x Vanitas wallet has been one of the staffs’ prized possessions for the last couple of years and we’ve launched this campaign in the year 2020 to let the 12 participants around the world enjoy fading the wallet as much as they could do. Without talking too much about it, here’s how it goes!

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Journey #1  – From China by “雨千 @kikicity

Journey #2  – From China by “瞿鹏飞 @qpf211

Journey #3  – From Thailand by “Korawin @Bencez Korawin

Journey #4  – From Thailand by “Chaikiad @chaiko.style

Journey #5  – From Singapore by “Lee @denim.hustle

Journey #6  – From Indonesia by “Wira @denim_for_life

After we went through Asia, now we’re exploring the different depths of the other parts of the world!

Wondering how the wallet can patina next? Let’s scroll down!

Journey #7  – From Australia by “Erick @relozoboi

Journey #8  – From Germany by “ Joris @djori_no” [No Review Feedback]

Journey #9  – From Ireland by “Joseph @joey_sam_blue

Journey #10  – From the United Kingdom by “Shaun  @selvedge_shaun

Journey #11  – From the United States by “Erik @enimbley2

Journey #12  – From the United States by “Thomas  @midrealism

That’s all, this wallet has been travelling around the world for a year. What do you think about the fading of it?
Don’t hesitate to leave us a review if you own this Oni x Vanitas wallet or feel free to share any comments below!


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