TROPHY CLOTHING | DENIMIO Premium Japanese Denim

Trophy Clothing: 15th anniversary

TROPHY CLOTHING | DENIMIO Premium Japanese Denim

The long awaiting item we’re all been waiting for from Trophy Clothing: the 15th Anniversary editions of their signature denim is now finally at Denimio.

The “15th Anniversary 1605 Standard Dirt Denim”.

Made from Dirt Denim, Trophy Clothing signature denim made from thick and uneven yarns, woven on an old power shuttle loom successfully created selvedge denim at 14.5 oz with the uniqueness of Trophy Clothing.

Using the same silhouette as the standard 1605 Standard Dirt Denim and here’s why they’re different. Not only that they have their own hardware, but Trophy Clothing has something secret up their sleeve with the dyes.

Trophy Clothing | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim

Left photo: “1605 Standard Dirt Denim” (one-wash pressed finish)
Right photo, “15th Anniversary 1605 Standard Dirt Denim” (non-wash finish)

After the initial wash, inseam length and overall denim will shrink about 5cm. So if you’re thinking of hemming, do it after the wash. Sizing will be the same for one-wash denim ⏤ put your normal size to order this one.

The details are superb: stitches are sewn with orange cotton thread, pockets are a reproduction of the workers wear back in the old days, coin pocket and UFO special to Trophy Clothing. Back pockets are also engraved with TROPHY name, donut buttons from iron and fresh off manufacture. Leather patches are custom-made from original horsehide that is also used on Humming Bird Jacket, wait for the patina to develop over time. The pockets use olive drab herringbone fabric that was used during wartime since supplies off fabrics were controlled.

Trophy Clothing 15th Anniversary | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim

The inseam is not forgotten: sewn with orange thread forming the W. Selvedge in yellow and black to celebrate Trophy Clothing and the checkered flag. Since the 15th anniversary is a special release, the flasher will be different from the standard version.

Trophy Clothing 15th Anniversary | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim
Trophy Clothing 15th Anniversary | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim


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