Universal Japanese denim for all seasons

Classic Japanese jeans are quite diverse. If we talk about denim as a fabric, the Japanese masters have managed to achieve the greatest variety of ways of coloring threads, texture, density, etc.

If you once bought at least one pair of Japanese jeans, it is unlikely that you will be able to stop, because even one manufacturer often produces completely different series. Sometimes, looking at this variety is not easy to make a choice. Someone is not sure that high-density jeans will be comfortable for him, so this publication will be devoted to jeans of medium universal density 14OZ.

Denim in 13OZ-15OZ density is the most classic and versatile. Such jeans can be worn almost all year round. At the same time, do not think that such denim will be “standard” and “boring”. As a rule, brands are trying to make something unique and different from other fabrics, use different ways of coloring, natural or synthetic dyes, experiment with the tension of threads on looms, select different varieties of cotton. Thus, within the classic density of 14OZ you can make absolutely different denim.

Below we offer you a selection of jeans, much of which you may surely be interested in.

We will start with the new Oni Denim 14KBE series. Here the manufacturer has tried to return to his first experiences with denim. For those who have been familiar with Oni jeans for quite some time this will be interesting.

This type of denim has a medium universal density of 14OZ, a dark rich indigo color and a very pronounced slubby texture. The fade yarn is dyed beige, which gives the denim a beautiful vintage style.

It is supposed to have a very nice fading that will show off this unusual “lived-in” texture.

By the way, please note, Oni Denim has deliberately used their old patch style with the image of a large Oni demon head.

The exact same image is also present on the flasher made of denim fabric.


A tapered modern style of jeans, which is very popular among young lovers of Japanese jeans. By the way, the 14KBE denim of this particular model has one feature that other jeans of this series do not have. It uses 98% cotton and 2% polyurethane to make the jeans comfortable and unrestrictive. Visually, this denim has no differences from the classic 14KBE version made of 100% cotton.



Comfortable and sleek modern regulation style. Great with heavy boots or light sneakers. It is just that classic casual style, which is very convenient to combine with different clothes and shoes.



This is a wide straight cut. To some people such jeans will remind of vintage style repros, who will associate such fit with modern street style.

In any case, these are very comfortable jeans that will give you exceptional comfort and pleasure from the wonderful 14KBE denim from Oni.


M101 (001) 14OZ WAIST OVERALL SEA ISLAND WIDE STRAIGHT,, medium image number 1


If you are a fan of Japanese repro, vintage style and would still like to get jeans made from really expensive luxury cotton, we wholeheartedly recommend this Big John model. 

The cotton used here is the very rare Sea Island long-staple cotton from the USA. This type of cotton is a direct “descendant” of Sea Island cotton from England, which was used for sewing clothes of the royal family since the XVI century. This type of cotton was revived in 2017 in the USA. In the UK, this type of cotton is no longer cultivated.

As for the style of these jeans, we see a very wide repro cut and detailing clearly inspired by vintage jeans from the early twentieth century.



A very interesting limited edition from Studio D’Artisan. It’s based on a funny image called “Billiken-san”, which was once created by an illustrator in the US, but eventually took root in Japanese culture. “Billiken-san” brings good luck and happiness, perhaps it will bring good luck to you too when you wear these jeans:)

These jeans have a classic straight cut. Comfortable and soft 14OZ denim with a smooth fluffy texture.

The very expressive detailing of these jeans will hardly leave you indifferent.


F151-23 14.75oz SELVEDGE XX 5P Jeans-Non Wash-38,, medium image number 16

FOB Factory F151-23 14.75OZ SELVEDGE XX 5P JEANS

A great model for those who prefer a strict very high quality classic with a basic set of details. Model F151 has a clean silhouette, not very wide and not very narrow.

The denim is made of soft American Supima cotton. You can enjoy the soft, smooth, fluffy texture and get a beautiful fading over time.


Lot 224 (66MODEL),, medium image number 2

Denime LOT 224 14,5OZ (66MODEL)

This review would be incomplete without mentioning the classics of Japanese repros. The Denime brand is one of the members of the famous Osaka 5 association, which popularized and made a cult following of the Japanese take on denim classics.

Model 224 is the perfect balance between comfort and style. It is a mid-width jean with a slightly tapered pant cut. This style reproduces the style of jeans from ’66. This is when denim clothing became associated with popular street fashion trends.

Denim with a medium density of 14,5OZ very carefully reproduces the vintage style of texture and pure indigo color.

Thus we have a perfect example of vintage classics in front of us. 


J214 14oz Tapered Model Black Denim Selvedge-One Wash-31,, medium image number 4


You probably rightly think that you should have at least one black denim model in your Japanese jeans collection.

The J214 in black\black denim is a modern tapered cut that goes well with contemporary urban style. The black patch and the strict details give you the perfect pair of “jeans for the office”.

Unlike all the other jeans models that have been listed in this publication, this denim will keep the black color for as long as possible with very little fading around the seams.

So, we have presented to you quite interesting in our opinion a selection of models of jeans, which can be comfortably worn at any time of the year. Of course, our selection is much wider and if you want to choose something else, you can always contact us at Denimio, where we will help you get your perfect pair of jeans!


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