Denim Stories: Markus & ONI 512 – Putting the Slub in Slubby Selvedge

We at Denimio could not be happier to have such outstanding costumers like you. Because of you, we are much more than just a retailer. Thanks to you, this has become a community, bringing together people from all over the world who share the same passion for Japanese denim. In the coming months, we would like to present you with „user-stories“, introduce you to people from this community who will tell us about their favorite item bought on Denimio and what it means to them.

Today, say hi to Markus and his ONI 512:

Hi, my name is Markus. I am 31 years old, I live in Germany and work at the university (teaching courses, grading papers, writing a PhD… not precisely thrilling).


I started wearing raw denim pretty much 12 years ago. Like so many people, I started with nudie and after 5 pairs of dry denim, I bought my first selvedge jeans from Nudie. But at that stage everybody had Nudies and I grew bored of them and wanted something more special. I read about ONI’s fabrics online and was hooked, the strong taper of the 512 was perfect for me, but the prices of American or British retailers were too high for me… I can’t invest 400 Euro for a pair of jeans. Anyway, I got these from Denimio for significantly less than half of that and Peter helped me to pick the right size (which is tricky, because the 512 runs large). When they arrived, I was the happiest person ever.


These ONI 512 14oz were my first Japanese jeans and I wanted to do all the stuff you usually do. I read that Ruedi (known to most of you know as SwissJeansFreak) does not wash or soak his jeans and I wanted to everything by protocol, so I wore them out of the box. I practically lived in these from now on. I wore them every day to work, when I went hiking, biking, to the beach. I celebrated my birthday, christmas and new year’s eve in these, I even wore them at a wedding, being the only guy there not wearing a proper suit.

After one year of heavy wear, I experienced what so many people go through who do not wash their jeans at all: the crotch blow.


Got them fixed but my tailor was pissed because my jeans were kinda dirty (we might call it patina). So I decided it might be time to finally wash them: in the ocean! Yeah. That was not my smartest decision because I forgot to rinse them afterwards and within a week or two they smelled like a dying whale. So I gave them a proper wash in the washing machine – even bought Samurai thunder soap 🙂



After 18 months, they have been soaked once and washed 3 times all in all. I am immensely proud of how they’ve turned out… At some stage I even showcased them at a family reunion…


I am very thankful that Denimio kickstarted my obsession with ONI and Japanese raw denim in general. Right now I am wearing the ONI 512XX context edition and can’t want to see how these turn out 🙂


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