With Valentine’s Day around the corner, the pressure is often on. But, it doesn’t have to be. We can’t guarantee you’ll get the girl, but we can guarantee you’ll look good and walk out confidently regardless. Wherever you are in the world, we at Denimio want to share these 5 outfit ideas, tailored for 5 different types of dates, so that we can help you not only to take some pressure off what to wear, but also to inspire you with ideas for what to do on this special day.



If you are planning to spend Valentine’s Day at the beach, you will want to keep your outfit light and cool. We suggest these stylish Kura shorts in yellow, orange or green, matched with a light colour t-shirt, such as the Jelado “Antique Garments” Club Tee. Looking for the extra edge to your outfit under the sun? The Roberu canvas and leather hat in khaki and camel will complement the other pieces nicely while keeping you cool.

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If your Valentine’s Day is going to be spent in cold weather, layer up. You can start with these Japan Blue black cargo pants as a base, and add a t-shirt, a polo shirt or even a sweater as a top. To keep you cosy, we recommend this stylish Burgus Plus cardigan, in either off-white or black, depending on your mood. Still cold? For extra cold weather or a long walk out, you can add this warm Eternal denim peacoat so that you can forget about the cold and focus on your date instead.


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For those of you preparing for a romantic walk in the countryside, the key is a comfortable look that does not compromise on style. A great place to start is with these Eternal chino stretch cargo pants, available in beige or green. Because nothing says Valentine’s like red, this Momotaro Jeans red chambray shirt can add some flavour to your outfit. Finally, to make sure you can keep going for as long as you want to, we recommend these comfortable Jelado “Athletic Brand” Hot Sand shoes.


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If your plan includes a walk around the city, this style is young, fresh and appropriate for both indoor and outdoor activities. Match these stylish Japan Blue pants, with a darker top, such as the Momotaro Jeans black jersey polo. If you want to avoid black or simply add some spice to your outfit, the jersey polo shirt is also available in red and mustard. And to keep all your things in one place without hurting your look, you can add this comfortable denim shoulder bag, also by Momotaro Jeans, which you can pair up with a t-shirt, shirt or even a jacket on a different occasion.


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Not sure your date plans fit into any of the above categories? If it’s Valentine’s Day, you can’t go wrong with smart casual. We suggest this great pair of khaki Oni Denim slim pants, matched with a neat Pherrow’s button down white shirt. The key to the smart casual outfit is a nicely tailored jacket or a blazer which you can keep on or take off as the occasion demands. We suggest this Eternal tailored jacket, which will add stylish versatility to your look.





Still haven’t found that special item you were looking for? Don’t worry and check Denimio for many alternative options and have a great Valentine’s Day.