VASCO – Treat Yourself with Some Quality Japanese Leather Luggage for Your Next Vacation

Summer is coming and that means soon it’s vacation time. Vacation time also means being on the move – to the beach, trough the city, on tops of mountains. Basically wherever you journey might take you. It is pretty obvious to us that you will travel in some first class Japanese selvedge denim from TCB, ONI or Japan Blue, maybe one of those amazing graphic tees from Studio d’Artisan, and a kickass denim jacket from the likes of Momotaro, Burgus Plus or Full Count. But even when you intent to travel lightly, the thing that is of utmost importance is your luggage!

When it comes to bags, weekenders, carry-alls and the likes, there is no company we love as much as Vasco.


We already did a piece on them, which you can find here, and we will try to not repeat ourselves. Here are some facts of which we would like to remind you before we introduce you to their current line-up:

1. All the tanning is done in-house by Vasco themselves
2. All the buckles are cast by Vasco
3. Every item is done by one experienced craftsman alone. There is assembly line: all the steps from the cutting of the leather to the finishing touches are done by one guy and one guy only.
4. For each item each craftsmen spends approximately 70 hours. The attention to detail is second to none and as soon as you hold your Vasco bag in your hands, you will immediately know what a difference this makes.

After we did our piece, a lot of you ordered Vasco bags and the feedback has been overwhelming. Therefore we expanded our line-up of Vasco to offer you a broad selection of their goods. Here are some current crowdpleasers. All of these are perfect travel-companions!

1. VASCO VS-205L

Our last post introduced this super versatile backpack. You guys loved it in brown and we have added three new colours for you: camel, black and a super limited run of olive. This backpack is perfect for any kind of hike. If you want to explore nature, the backpack offers enough room for all kind of clothing, water bottles, maps, potentially even a small camping stove. The great thing about it is that you can totally rock it as a city slicker on your way to work or to the university. This one will not let you down.

The favourite among the staff at denimio: the Boston Bag from Vasco is simply incredible. It’s perfect for your next flight: It qualifies as hand-luggage, so no need to check it in.


The combination of nylon and their trademark leather make for a extreme light, yet substantial bag. The main compartment is surprisingly spacious: You could easily carry 7 jeans with you (we actually tested this) and what else would you need on any vacation? But seriously, this one is more than a weekender, more a four-to-five-dayer, a true carry-all.There are many compartments that allow you to store your things in an organised way (we love to do that!). The Boston Bag has an amazing security feature: If you buy a little padlock, you can actually lock your back up for good. This makes it so much harder for pickpockets.

The leather handles are super smooth and should you ever feel like giving your hands some rest, the Boston Bag also comes with a padded shoulder strap.
While some of us already took the Boston Bag out on some trips, others feel that this bag is actually very compatible with everyday wear. It’s the perfect bag to hit the gym after work without having to compromise on style. It maybe a spacious bag, but take it to the streets and we guarantee you, it will fit right in!


We carry it in black and we feel that’s the perfect colour – though we also love it in khaki, which we will stock soon as well!

Once you have checked into your hotel, hostel or wherever you lay your bed, it’s time to explore the city. This bag is sturdy, roomy, fully lined and looks exceptionally cool! To be fair, this is not exactly a travel item per se, it’s just the kind of item that you can use in all kinds of situations, which is pretty much the idea of Vasco: They make all-purpose kind of bags. This is our absolute best-seller and we now carry it in four amazing colours (black, brown, camel and olive)



For those of you who want to travel lightly but need a bag for the essentials (phone, tablet, power bank, maps etc), we also offer the little brother of the VS-248L: the VS249L.

blog-vasco-005This one looks just as good but is super handy, you will barely notice that you have it with you… until people ask you what awesome bag you’re rocking!blog-vasco-004
You all knew before that Vasco made splendid bags in the highest possible quality. Thus, you may wonder why we are telling you this. The reason is easy: Once you ordered an item, you have to wait 2-3 months until you receive your bag. This is understandable since Vasco produces in very limited numbers and want every item to be perfect. For them, there can be no compromise in quality. But since we’ve received so many orders, we asked them to do as a solid and make us an entire batch in advance instead of making things to order (MTO).

So every item described above is now available on There is no waiting time: order them and we will ship them out within days! This as a huge opportunity – the backpacks for instance are not part of Vasco’s regular line-up, the same goes for anything in the olive colour. There is a good chance that once they’re gone, they’re gone for good!
If you ever wanted a bag, that simply is better made, more stylish, and made to the same high standards as your denim: This is your chance to grab a Vasco bag at – you can send us a thank you post card from your next vacation 🙂