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The world’s largest domestic denim specialty store with over 6000 pairs in stock launched in Yokohama!!


For those of you searching for domestic denim, the pair of your dreams can be found here.


Reasons why DENIMIO is loved by customers from all over the world.


① Over 6000 pairs of Japanese jeans in stock!! The world’s largest domestic denim specialty store!

DENIMIO is the world’s largest specialty store with over 6000 pairs of Japanese jeans.

With over 40 brands, every customer is sure to find their favorite, one-and-only pair.


② Delivering domestic Japanese denim to the world・・・an online website in over 14 languages

DENIMIO’s online website is available in over 14 languages, such as English, French, Chinese, and Russia. Every month, hundreds of thousands of people visit us worldwide.

With its store located in the Minatomachi district of Yokohama also serving as a “warehouse” for worldwide delivery, DENIMIO is the only specialty denim store where you can discover world trends in denim fashion simply by checking our inventory.


③ Trasmits information about domestic denim from Yokohama. As Yokohama’s emerging “tourist attraction”, we also have many visitors from overseas.

Located in the Minatomachi district of Yokohama, customers worldwide visit DENIMIO for sightseeing.

Japanese domestic denim has now gained global popularity. A place where you can come by the latest trends and products is available in Yokohama.


Store Information

Address: 1F Daiichi Maruaki Bldg, 2-181-7 Miyata-cho, Hodogaya-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa 240-0002, Japan
Telephone: 045-465-6737
Business Hours: 12:00~19:00  Tuesdays Closed



By Train (from Yokohama Station)・・・

Take the Sotetsu line. Get off at Tennocho Station (3rd stop). Walk for 10 minutes.


By Bus (from Yokohama Station)・・・

There is a digital display providing information on departures and arrivals at the bus information desk within the bus terminal located in the west exit of Yokohama Station (B1F).

When searching for directions to our store using Google Map, etc., the bus number you must take will be indicated. Please confirm the bus stop and time on the digital display. It will take 10 minutes by bus to our store.


By Car・・・

Because the metered parking lot in front of our store only has 3 parking spaces, it is often full. However, there are a total of about 10 metered parking lots available in the vicinity. You may want to check their locations using your GSP navigation system.


Directions from Tennocho Station・・・

DENIMIO PREMIUM JAPANESE DENIMWe look forward to your visit!







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