We Think Bigger (A guide to our bigger sized jeans options!)


You know who you are. You love denim and want a pair of vintage-made Japanese selvedge denim but you simply can’t fit into the smaller sizes made for the smaller Asian body-types.  We at Denimio provide different channels where customers can easily contact our team in order to help find the right jeans and sizes, and it is through those channels that we often hear the frustration of our bigger-bodied, taller customers.  Inevitably, we, a lot of times, have to be honest by not recommending our customers to squeeze into small sized jeans due to size unavailability from the manufacturers. Commonly size 36 is the largest size most Japanese jeans brands offer, but we thought it would be good to bring to your attention the amazing options that we’ve recently added in bigger sizes. So whether you have been looking for that larger size for yourself or know of a friend who hasn’t been able to get a pair of the best raw denim in the world, your search is over. Check out these awesome big and tall Japanese denim options.

TCB Jeans 50’s

Inspired by Levi’s XX from 1950s. Featuring a 13.5oz unsanforized selvedge fabric, regular straight silhouette, 5 button fly, hidden rivets, paper patch, and 100% Zimbabwean Cotton.

Available in size 28 to 40 both in non-wash and one-wash. Price ¥16,759 (~154 USD) for all sizes.


TCB Jeans 60s

A very interesting fabric selection. Featuring a 13oz unsanforized selvedge fabric from San Joaquin cotton grown in California,  straight slightly tapered silhouette, 5 button fly, hidden rivets, paper patch. The silhouette is constructed based on the most popular jeans silhouette in 1960 (1966 to be exact).

Available in size 28 to 40 both in non-wash and one-wash. Price ¥16,000 (~147 USD) for all sizes.


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TCB Jeans Pre-Shrunk Jeans (Type 505)

The cut of Pre-Shrunk Jeans (Type 505) is a homage of Levi’s 505 red selvedge denim, which is a very rear item, introduced during the late 1960’s. The silhouette is tight tapered and uses 13oz sanforized San Joaquin cotton, zip fly using deadstock Talon 42 zip.

The characteristic of San Joaquin cotton gives the jeans a fluffy and hairy feel. The dying process is done shallowly and gives out natural blue color which looks more fashionable. Truly a pair of artisinal jeans.

Available in one-wash size 28 to 40. Price ¥16,000 (~147 USD) for all sizes.


Evisu #2000 No.1, Red Selvedge (Code: EGD2000N1001)

One among the oldest and the most iconic Japanese denim brand. The #2000 cut is a mid rise straight fit jeans. No.1 stands for unsanforized fabric weighs at 14.5oz. The word “Special” printed on the leather patch telling that, from our research, the fabric is produced from a rear special shuttle loom. It is believed to be old Levi’s shuttle looms Yamane-san bought in the early 1980’s. The gulls (Kamome) on back pockets are hand painted and 100% cotton.

Please note that No.1 fabric will shrink by 2 sizes. We recommend buying 2 size bigger (e.g. true waist is 30″, buy size 32).

Available in size 29 to 44 (Price ¥30,000 (~275 USD) for size 29 -36,  for size 38-42 add ¥2,000 (~18.37 USD), for size 44 add ¥3,000 (~27.53 USD)).  


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Momotaro Jeans 0705SP

The 0705SP is one of the most popular Momotaro’s models from the “Going to Battle” line. This model features a tight straight fit, 15.7oz sanforized fabric. 5 button fly, 2 GTB stripes on the right back pocket, iconic Momotaro pink selvedge, pink inseam thread, deer leather patch with Momotaro print, and 100% Zimbabwean Cotton.

The SP models will be washed with sea water from Seto Naikai in Kurashiki, Okayama to preserve the distinct indigo color invented by Japan Blue who owns Momotaro brand. The jeans are a bit hard to get fade but surely give high contrast fades once broken in.

Available in size 28 to 42 (Price ¥22,000 (~202 USD) for size 28-36, for size 38-42 add ¥2,000 (~18.37 USD).


Momotaro Jeans G003-MZ

The G003-MZ are wide straight cut jeans which belong to the Copper Label line. They use a 14.7oz sanforized Momotaro original pink selvedge denim, 100% Zimbabwean Cotton, rinsed sea water from Seto Naikai in Kurashiki, Okayama, zip fly jeans, pink inseam thread, indigo dyed fabric liner with Momotaro crest print, flannel pocket bags dyed indigo, cowhind leather patch with Momotaro embossing, and peach logo stitching on right back pocket.

Available in size 28 to 48 (Price ¥22,000 (~202 USD) for size 28-36, for size 38-48 add ¥2,000 (~18.37 USD).


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