When A Black Cat and A Blue Beetle Come To Play

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Brace yourselves guys, something wicked this way comes! We teamed up with TCB Jeans and we have teased you for way too long. No doubt, two symbolic animals are meant together to make such exclusive masterpieces. Get ready to empty your wardrobe at least one slot for our upcoming pieces; we have dropped such as amazing capsule collection covering both bottom and top outerwear! This is tough to beat!!

Come along because we won’t let you down! TCB Jeans and Denimio present the first exclusive collaboration ‘TCB x DENIMIO 50’s High Tapered Jeans’ and TCB x DENIMIO 50’s Camo Chore Coat’. You can’t find other collection like this anywhere else!

“The TCB Jeans x Denimio camo capsule jeans is a dream come true! Not only did TCB develop a high tapered cut with Denimio, but they’ve also added tons of amazing details. Like that tiger camo pocket lining!

“TCB Jeans have outdone themselves with some amazing details for exclusive Denimio collab edition! This camo capsule collection is massive and sick value for money!”


‘TCB x DENIMIO 50’s High Tapered Jeans’

Not a stranger anymore, TCB Jeans 13.5oz Slim 50s is the most popular and best-selling collection by worldwide denim fans. TCB Jeans is well known for their reproduction fits that are based on classic Levi’s, in addition to its excellent soft feeling and hairy look fabric. With all of these goodness, it features a slim modern cut that creates a perfect fitting for your stylish look.


But wait! What we want to tell you is that we know what you want! This TCB x DENIMIO 50’s High Tapered model is based on TCB 13.5oz Slim 50’s model to match your preference. Not only that, we spiced them up by adding a deeper rise and tapered cutting for extra awesomeness: better comfort and even perfect fitting.

Simply Classic!


Guess what’s popular this season? Tigerstripe camo is the winner! Now, we have added military vibes on the front pockets to make TCB x DENIMIO 50’s High Tapered Jeans strike eyes. Similar to the back pockets, we use tiger stripe fabric to reinforce and drive into the special design concept.

To complete the design, this model features a signature Denimio mark expressed by a white tap with blue stitch printing.

Think Blue, Think Denimio!

TCB x DENIMIO 50’s Camo Chore Coat

This jacket really killed it to hit the shelves this season! Not limited to pair TCB x Denimio Jeans, this light jacket is cool enough to match any of your personalized styles. But of course, their inner characters perform the best when they are matched with the same series.

A Definite Superb! Time to Get Out of The Basics.


The splendid camo top wear comes with a denim pocket on the right chest. It’s made of iconic fabric from TCB jeans plus Denimio white tap. Turn to the back and look at the bottom right, a blue embroidered beetle is crawling up along dart stitch! If you love creative fashion and being outstanding, you should not miss ‘TCB x DENIMIO 50’s Camo Chore Coat’ in any case!

Just like a denim jacket, new-designed patch stays in the middle of the jacket

No, those are not all. We still have got the top highlight that could not be forgotten. Here it comes exclusive TCB jeans and Denimio collaboration patch.

We believe this image fully touches your heart. It’s not common to see a lively and friendly design on a denim leather patch. The cat and the beetle present whole collaboration concept while keeping their own origins. Is this what we call ‘real collaboration’?

The cat and the beetle will come to play on both TCB x DENIMIO 50’s High Tapered Jeans and TCB x DENIMIO 50’s Camo Chore Coat.


Seriously, just get the set of jacket and jeans of TCB Jeans x Denimio Camo Capsule collection and you’re all set. Pre-order this exclusive collab now and your Christmas is safe! TCB X DENIMIO 50’s Collaboration Series is now available for pre-order only at Denimio.

TCB x DENIMIO 50’s High Tapered Jeans 21,750 JPY Shop now

TCB x DENIMIO 50’s Camo Chore Coat 26,500 JPY Shop now