DARAHKUBIRU | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim

Who’s Darahkubiru?

Who’s Darahkubiru?

Darahkubiru is an online-offline content portal for premier denim culture, men’s lifestyle, and community. Established in 2009, it is the largest denim community in Indonesia, giving birth to the nation’s biggest denim exhibition and market. With over 10 years of experience in online and offline channels, Darahkubiru is well-connected to Indonesia’s creative scene and market.

DARAHKUBIRU | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim
DARAHKUBIRU | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim
DARAHKUBIRU | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim

Since its early inception a decade ago, Darahkubiru has collaborated with big names in the denim scene. From the big three denim brands: Levi’s, Lee, and Wrangler to high street brands such as Uniqlo, H&M, American Eagle, and GAP. Our credentials also lead us to collaborate with international artisan brands such as Samurai and Eternal in the form of special jeans made for Darahkubiru and notable denim concept stores, such as Selfedge, Blue In Green, and Denimio, by conducting several denim contests.

Born & Bred Indonesian

Being born in Indonesia and realizing its creative market potential, our vision from the get-go is already rooted deeply in the community and creative scene. We serve as a platform and ecosystem for local brands to thrive and grow, eventually leading Darahkubiru-bred brands such as Oldblue Co., NBDN, and Sagara Bootmaker to penetrate the international market.

Wall of Fades

Wall of Fades is our signature event that is already being run from 2009 to this day, bringing the best denim exhibition and denim market in one vibrant and festive event. Starting from just around 1000 visitors back then to 45.000 total visitors in 2019. In the pandemic calendar, Wall of Fades turned online and raked 1.000.000 online visitors with GMV of around IDR 6 billion in only four days of the online market.

Started as nothing, now we’re everything. From being a pioneer, a community, a media, a benchmark, you name it. Many have come after us, but we will always be known as the true OG that escalates denim and men’s culture in the archipelago to the highest level.

DARAHKUBIRU | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim

Darahkubiru hosted a denim factory visit so the community can learn more about the process of denim-making.

DARAHKUBIRU | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim

Lalu Lintas Gaya, one of Darahkubiru’s offline activities.

Meet the Challengers X Denim

Choose your best bet for the battle ahead and WIN your free jeans by the end of The Great Denim Battle!

SATRIA | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim

Satria X Samurai Jeans S5000VX

‘If I’m being asked about what pair of jeans suits me best right now, Samurai S5000VX has always been the answer since the very beginning.’
JEAN | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim

Jean X ONI 585

‘There is nothing more glorious than having a “demon” as a companion for years to come.’
IDHO | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim

Idho X Tanuki IDR

‘As I will be wearing a pair of jeans from a brand that prioritizes quality, I am committed to creating quality fades.’
FADLAN | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim

Fadlan X TCB Jeans

‘With 13,5oz and its exceptional details, TCB 50s Jeans would be the perfect jeans for all-year around and this battle.’
ADITYA | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim

Aditya X Burgus Plus 955

‘The reason I choose Burgus Plus 955-XX LOT.955 is quite simple; I want to witness the beauty of the natural indigo evolution that comes from within the jeans.’


Content writer by day, avid (FPS) gamer by night, denim-aficionado by, well, forever.

Aditya is a full-time content marketing specialist in one of the national media. Handling various forms of text-based marketing contents is one of his specialties. He also takes content writing-related projects outside of work regularly.

He is also known as an active member of Darahkubiru forum since 2011. Furthermore, he became Indonesian Denim Group (INDIGO) PIC for the Bandung branch around 2013-2014. He officially started as a contributing writer at Darahkubiru from 2016 until now.

Aditya chose Burgus Plus 955-XX LOT.955 as his ammunition for this challenge. The reason is quite simple: Burgus Plus offers a wide range of top-notch denim, but is lesser known within Indonesia denim community. So, he decided to give it a shot and determine to show Burgus Plus’ quality through the challenge.

ADITYA | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim
JEAN | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim


Since a decade ago, Jean has been in the local denim scene and has taken a part in the industry’s growth. He has never stopped pushing the local denim ecosystem in his own way: by giving brands the recognition they truly deserve through Darahkubiru and Wall of Fades, as well as co-founding a local brand-only concept store called Stockroom. 

Jean is quite active in Darahkubiru as the creative director and in the community, where he usually conducts gathering and instigates online or offline activities. As a man of many interests, he is also a trve kvlt black metal listener, a gunpla collector, a Twitch streamer, a pseudo-copywriter, a dry humor connoisseur, a pro-wrestling spectator, and of course, a lifetime denim head.

For this battle, Jean chose ONI Denim 585xx as his choice of jeans. ONI is one of the brands that he has always been interested in but never got a chance to get his hands on. With this opportunity, he intends to raise the popularity of this underrated brand within the local community. Aside from that, he believes that there is nothing cooler than having a “demon” as his trusty sidekick for years to come.


Being exposed to the raw denim scene and Darahkubiru forum when he graduated high school in 2014, Satria joined the team in 2018 when he wrote an article in the first printed edition of Darahkubiru Magazine. Before joining the team, he won the first Wall of Fades Outfit Contest in 2017.

What he loves about denim is its versatility and the fading process that is unique to every wearer. With this collaboration with Denimio, he is going to experience Studio D’Artisan for the first time. As he feels like there is an unbreakable bond between Japan and Indonesia, he obviously will be wearing the Samurai S5000VX Model jeans with pride, even though this is not going to be the first Japanese denim for him.

Besides raw denim, he also falls in love with the patina of vintage watches and leather boots. Other than men’s fashion, he has an enormous interest in architecture and business. He and his partner are about to open a coffee shop in Bandung called A Place in Between.

Satria is now working remotely as QA Engineer in one of the biggest Indonesia’s telco companies as his full-time job; while in the lunch break, he will be visiting his coffee shop, making and delivering coffee while also supervising the site that is currently under construction. Do not forget that he is also working part-time as one of Darahkubiru’s contributors and open for freelance content consultancy, focusing on copywriting and content writing for Indonesian local brands.

SATRIA | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim
FADLAN | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim


Fadlan is a daytime worker at a startup company by day and a contributor for Darahkubiru by night. He has many hobbies, including motorcycle touring and culinary. He likes to discover new foods as he travels across town.

He wore his first dry denim in July 2013 when he got Unbranded 201, which is now still being kept at his parent’s home as a trophy. From then on, he started to dig many Japanese brands and got his first Samurai S711VX from Denimio back in 2015.

Since then, he has owned more Japanese denim, such as Resolute, Tanuki and The Strike Gold. Especially for Resolute, he favors them because of their beautiful fades as well as the philosophy behind them. Japanese brands got his eyes for their different approaches to their products.

TCB 50s is his choice for the battle. It has a relaxed vintage cut with some sweet details; perfect for the battle. Follow his journey @mfadlanm on Instagram.


Ido started to love denim after he was introduced by his high school friends in 2013. At the time, the so-called denim evolution piqued his interest. He then proceeded to buy his first pair of jeans from Mischief Denim, one of Indonesia’s well-known denim brands. He had fun experimenting with it and the fade result was satisfactory. Since then, he’s become interested in every evolution of raw denim and has never stopped wanting to explore it further.

He believes that every raw denim that evolves will produce art that represents the user. From then on he intends to present stories from every pair of jeans that he wears through his Instagram account @denimevozz. Through that platform, he has made a lot of connections with so many entities. Eventually, it led him to Darahkubiru, where he is now an active contributor.

Ido has always wanted to have Japanese denim since forever, but he never got the chance to have it. Nevertheless, he has accepted the challenge of trying Tanuki as his first Japanese denim from Denimio and we’ll see how it happens!

IDHO | Denimio Premium Japanese Denim






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