Winter Layer: Denim, Jackets, and Coats!

Time for the big guns: Get your heavy jackets out for the winter! And to keeps things interesting, throw a denim jacket into the mix!

We at Denimio know that Winter is a challenging time. Often, you don’t get to wear what you want and have to wear things to simply survive the blistering cold. We do have a ton of recommendations for your Winter style. Let’s add some indigo to your seasonal wardrobe – no more lame sweaters and boring puff jackets. Get your denim gear out, spice things up with more layers! We’ve got you covered this winter with a big selections of denim jackets, thick coats, colourful puff jackets, vintage feel baseball jackets and much more!

A dash of thick denim won’t hurt, we promise 😉

Check out our recommendations for denim jackets and coat layers this winter! Get some texture without compromising on comfort and warmth for the winter.

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Our favourite kit for the winter: Combine a BARNS Hoodie and the SDA Blanket Lined Jacket – don’t forget the best loop wheel t-shirt and you’re all set for the comfiest gear during the winter time.
Another reason why this jacket is one of the best for the winter is the super soft blanket lining. Super cozy and, may we say, it looks stunning! This one wash slim fit jacket has the perfect cut for any body type and will fit you nicely. The corduroy collar contrasts the hoodie colour nicely without being too loud.
Shoutout for those living in Asia, the weather may never be winter – we created this amazing jacket without the blanket to be is light enough for any season you got. This is an exclusive to Denimio item and once it’s gone, it’s gone.
Now, this outfit wouldn’t be complete without a JEANS.
Can you take a guess where it’s from?
ONI? Nope. SDA? Nope. Momotaro? Samurai? Nope. It’s W&W by Denimio jeans – our very own in-house brand!
Believe it or not, we scored some top notch fabrics at just half the price of most other denim jeans – where else can you find Okayama made denim at this price? Featured in this photo, the 15 oz tight straight cut jeans is perfect for beginners and connoisseurs alike! The sanforised denim oozes character and the cut works for pretty much everyone!
BARNS Loop Wheel T-shirt
BARNS Parka Hoodie
SDA Blanket Jacket
W&W 15.7 oz Jeans

Consider this option when you’re looking for a casual style for the winter look: raincoat, denim jacket, and a loop wheel t-shirt.
Look at that texture – the rough texture of the denim jacket really makes the smooth-looking coat pop out. The contrasting colours make the perfect uniform for those who want to stand our or be one with their urban surroundings – whichever way you go, it’s one-of-kind style you probably haven’t tried yet. People might think that beige is boring, but add indigo to the mix and you have an awesome combo.
Get this look with the best jeans: we recommend TCB Jeans 50s, to add some the sophisticated vintage style.
BARNS Loop Wheel T-shirt
SDA Jacket
TCB 50S Jeans


Ok, so this is not really a denim jacket, but come on! It is cool as hell. We at Denimio can never get enough of the Sukajan Baseball jacket. These jackets were launched to celebrate SDA’s 40th anniversary and they’re truly a work of art. The details: fabric texture, embroidery quality, built and fit are simply perfect.

Check out why we’re obsessed with these.

Zoom in to appreciate that embroidery beauty:

Style these Baseball jackets with your favourite sweaters, t-shirts, shirts, or whatever you want, these go with anything. They are basically denim jackets in disguise.

These will also look great with pretty much any jeans but just to show you how versatile the TCB’s 50 jeans are, we paired them with this jacket!

Details for the look:


SDA Sukajan Baseball Jackets

TCB 50S Jeans


Hands down – one of our favourite looks, perfect for any occasion The W&W special chino fabric really makes the blue corduroy jacket complete. And thank to the wool lining, the gloomy winter doesn’t look so gloomy anymore!

All smiles when you found the perfect combo.




W&W Beige Chinos 


For those of you who are feeling a bit rebellious this winter season, get into the “Going To Battle-Mode” on with this layer combo – colourful shirts, 2105SP, and some sick jeans. Beat the winter with denim and conquer the streets with indigo.

We deliberately amped up the exposure to let you see the quality of 2105SP’s denim fabric, it looks smooth like denim satin – if that ever existed, but it actually is slubby as hell at the same time.

The full look features colourful shirt for the indigo contrast and it turn accentuates the actual fabric of both the jacket and the jeans. Considering how light this look looks like, remember that shirt is 8 oz – one of our heaviest shirts ever and the 2105SP GTB denim jacket weighs in at 15.7 oz. That is a lot of ounces against the cold!

If you wear top with a combined weight of 25.7oz, you need something equally heavy. Now, let’s move on to jeans. Words can’t really describe how awesome ONI’s Secret Denim is: it clocks in at 20 oz, it has colours ranging from navy, to beige, to green, it’s neppy, it’s heavy, it’s slubby. It’s perfect for Winter!

Details of the look:

We ran out of that exact shirt, here’s a better ONI option – the quality is too good to miss out on.

2105SP Momotaro Jacket



We rarely see turtlenecks in the community – winter is the perfect season to dust these off and start wearing them!

A neutral turtleneck top and the same tone pants/jeans can really make your style special. The dark turtleneck looks spot on over this fuzzy denim perfection AKA ONI020527 Denim Jacket.

We pick a softer denim jacket – slubbier but not as stiff as other jackets since turtleneck sweaters tend to be really thick. In this case, the turtleneck already made the cut of the body and the denim jacket flows through it effortlessly, thanks to the ultra low weave, the jacket does not look bulky at all. And keep it mind, this is 20oz after all!

The turtleneck texture vs the denim jacket

For the jeans, we picked out the straight cut from ONI: the 546 AIZUMI Black Denim that goes perfect with the ONI Fall Winter 2019 line up denim jacket. Since the denim jacket features a bright denim colour, the rest of the neutral colours tone down the brightness, making you stand out without being over the top.

Details on this look:

ONI020527 Denim Jacket FW 2019 Collection

BURGUS PLUS Turtleneck Sweater

ONI 546 AIZUMI Jeans


People basically don’t wear suits anymore, but that is because blazer jackets got a bad reputation. People think they’re boring and formal. Well, think twice, because you can spice them up with some denim and it’s a totally different beast.

Suits and denim jackets can be very versatile – you can layer up with a shirt or even a hoodie underneath that jacket for the fun of it, why not? It’s winter and the possibilities are endless.

The attention to texture and fabric here is beyond our expectations – the neutral colours of the suit and the pants brings out the best of indigo – check out more of FOB Factory options here!

Details on this look:

MR. OLIVE Suit Jacket

FOB FACTORY Denim Jacket


So tell us, which style are you going this year?


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