Mese: March 2021

  • DARAHKUBIRU X DENIMIO The Great Denim Battle

    DARAHKUBIRU X DENIMIO The Great Denim Battle

    Darahkubiru X Denimio The Great Denim Battle 2021 Winter is coming. The Denim Battlefield is here. THE BATTLE GOES DOWN HERE5 Jeans. 5 Challengers. Your Pick, We’ll Treat You on Jeans. SIMPLY GO TO…

  • Who’s Darahkubiru?

    Who’s Darahkubiru?

    Who’s Darahkubiru? Darahkubiru is an online-offline content portal for premier denim culture, men’s lifestyle, and community. Established in 2009, it is the largest denim community in Indonesia, giving…

  • Supporting the Leather Industry

    Supporting the Leather Industry

    Japan’s Leather History ‘People have forgotten what well-made means’, quoted from the master craftsmen Katsuhiko Nakano, one of the highly skilled craftsmen located in Tokyo. Japan has been making leather…