Monat: November 2021

  • The Greatest Fabrics Ever Existed: Japan.

    The Greatest Fabrics Ever Existed: Japan.

    The age old question: is it worth it? Why is Japanese fabrics so different? How many do I have to get? No matter what the answer is, the only perfect answer we’ve ever gotten is ‚do whatever makes you…

  • Fabrics: ONI Denim

    Fabrics: ONI Denim

    We’ve done a comprehensive rundown on some (probably just a few if we really want to document all ONI) ONI fabrics here: OUR EPIC ONI COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE | ONI DENIM ONI SECRET DENIM X DENIMIO EXCLUSIVE:…

  • Fabrics: TCB Jeans

    Fabrics: TCB Jeans

    TCB Jeans 50s Shop 50s Jeans here The origins of TCB: a truly vintage reproduction as the makers studied a vintage 50s piece TCB got their hands on. They sampled every single detail from shape, yard…

  • Fabrics: Samurai Jeans

    Fabrics: Samurai Jeans

    S510SXJ-IDY Shinsengumi Ikedaya Shop IKEDAYA here Talked about in the famous anime Rurouni Kenshin, the Ikedaya incident happened at the end of the Edo period, when at that time, political chaos ensued.…

  • Fabrics: Japan Blue

    Fabrics: Japan Blue

    Cote d’Ivoire Cotton Shop JAPAN BLUE Why Côte D’Ivoire Cotton? Japan Blue is a brand that has been cultivating the best qualities of cotton for its denim. With decades of manufacturing prowess, Japan …

  • Fabrics: Graph Zero

    Fabrics: Graph Zero

    GRAPH ZERO: Arrow Feather Denim & Herringbone Shop GRAPH ZERO here Kendo Baker Shorts These are Graph Zero’s original shorts with a twist, based on the weave of kendo kimono with denim base. The…

  • Fabrics: Burgus Plus

    Fabrics: Burgus Plus

    Awa Natural Japanese denim is always sourced heavily from history and culture. This edition is another incredible reproduction to keep the culture alive: with natural indigo dye, a fabric with technique…

  • Fabrics: Tanuki

    Fabrics: Tanuki

    Red Cast Denim Shop Red Cast Reg StraightShop Red Cast Tapered An impressive release 5 years ago has turned heads for this pair. The secret that comes from combining slub yarn at the warp with straight…

  • Fabrics: COTTLE

    Fabrics: COTTLE

    COTTLE Bengara Fabric Not familiar with the brand? Founded in 2015, COTTLE has been running for almost 7 years now. Read here for the full dish on this brand! Shop COTTLE here This textile concept took…